Webspace Website Creation Instructions:

On-Campus workstations

  • Save your website files in your T: drive in the folder named My Website

Web browser access

  • Open https://anchor.ship.edu
  • Login with your Ship email address and password
  • Click on T-Drive
  • Upload your files to the My Website folder



FTP or a web publishing utility, such as Dreamweaver

You can use Dreamweaver or other web creation tools to create your site files and then publish them to your webspace.  The following example is Dreamweaver, but process and file names would be similar in other programs.

  • Set up your site in your program. DW is under Site>New site
  • Provide a site name and a folder for the local version of your site and Save
    DW local setup
  • Select Server, click on the +, This will open a screen for you to add and test your server information. 
    DW Server
  • FTP server hostname:  files.ship.edu
  • Directory:  My Website
  • Use your Ship email address and password.  When your email password is updated it must be updated here as well.
  • Use Test to make sure you site is connected properly


  • Name your first website file: default.htm  

This is the file that will be displayed when your website is accessed.
Other valid default content page names are:  index.htm, index.html, default.asp, and default.aspx

Your website will be accessible using a URL such as the following:

  • http://webspace.ship.edu/userid
    (userid is your SU email userid)