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Environmental and Sustainability Research at Ship

Interested in undergraduate or graduate research? There are many opportunities to work with professors from Biology, Geography and Earth Science, Business, and Psychology to explore sustainability across different disciplines. Contact the professors listed below for information on their interests and research.

College of Arts and Sciences Research

Biology Department

Research related to sustainable agriculture, including effects of crop covers to increase the growing season, the effects of compost tea on plant growth and microbial diversity, and pollination biology.

Stream ecology, focusing on the effects of anthropogenic stressors (including land use changes, acidification, invasive species, and emerging contaminants) on aquatic organism distribution and community structure.

Cold hardiness of the autumn meadowhawk dragonfly, Sympetrum vicinum.

Geography and Earth Science Department

  • Sean Cornell
  • Tom Feeney
  • Tim Hawkins
  • Claire Jantz
    • Assessing land use changes due to natural gas mining operations in the Marcellus Shale formation in Bradford County, PA. Geographical Bulletin 55(1): 18-35. (2014) by Jantz, C.A., H.K. Kubach, J.R. Ward, S. Wiley, and D. Heston.
    • Estimating impacts of population growth and land use policy on ecosystem services: A community-level case study in Virginia, USA. Ecosystem Services, 5: 110-123. (2013) by Jantz, C.A. and J.J. Manuel.
    • Forecast changes in runoff quality and quantity in the Delmarva peninsula. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 10:1061. (2012) by Ciavola, S.J., C.A. Jantz, J. Reilly, and G. Moglen.
    • Forecasting future land use and hydrology: a case study of the Upper Delaware Watershed. Watershed Science Bulletin. Fall issue: 18-26. (2011) by Goetz, S.J., C.A. Jantz, M. Sun.
  • George Pomeroy
  • Christopher Woltemade
  • Joseph Zume

Psychology Department

Three undergraduate research projects related to sustainability/behavioral economic issues:

  • Survey project: Causes of the financial crisis
  • Survey/comparison project: Attitudes/beliefs about environmental sustainability efforts in the military (comparing military and civilian students)
  • Project under development: Student college debt crisis as a sustainability issue

College of Business Sustainability Research

Supply Chain Management Department

  • Ian Langella
    • Breaking the Ties that Bind: From Corporate Sustainability to Social Sustainability by Jerry Carbo, Ian Langella, Viet Dao and Steve Haase. An exploration of a path forward away from the corporate sustainability, market driven approach, towards a more inclusive social sustainability model.
    • Creating socially responsible and environmentally sustainable IT-enabled supply chains.(2013) In: Sustainable Value Chain Management by Langella, Carbo, and Dao.
    • A Heuristic Approach for the Disassemble to Order Problem under Binomial Yields. (2013) Proceedings of the Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting by Inderfurth, Transchel, Vogelgesang, and Langella.
    • Creating Sustainable and Responsible Supply Chains through Human Resource and Information System Integration, World Sustainable Development Outlook (2011) by Langella, Dao, Carbo
    • Eco-efficiency in Logistics: A Case Study on Distribution Network Design. (2010). International Journal of Sustainable Engineering 4(2): 115–126 by Langella and Zanoni.

Management Information Systems Department

  • Viet Dao
    • Public Sector Education and Collective Bargaining – Public Policies for a Socially Sustainable Economy, World Sustainable Development Outlook (2011) by Carbo, Langella and Dao
    • From Green to Sustainability: Information Technology and an integrated sustainable framework, JSIS (February 2011) by Dao, Langella and Carbo
    • Beyond Self-Interest: Integrating Social Responsibility and Supply Chain Management with Human Resource Management.  Socially Responsible HRM, Supply Chains and Sustainability, Human Resource Development Review, June 2010, by Becker, Carbo and Langella
Contact the Environmental Steering Committee (ESC) Chair Claire Jantz