First Year Experience at Ship

Shippensburg University is fully committed to student success. We know the first year of college can be particularly challenging for students. The First Year Experience provides them with additional skills, support and mentorship during that critical period of transition.

As part of the First Year Experience, students will take part in the First Year Seminar and the challenging and rewarding UNIV 101 course. This experience for first year students focuses on communication and writing, while also offering interactive learning and opportunities for experiences outside the classroom.

UNIV 101 is based around the following objectives:

  • Cultivating Academic Success - Students engage in academic exploration that adapts and applies the metacognition and academic skills they need to be successful student scholars.
  • Engaging With the University Community - Students will be prepared for learning beyond the classroom.
  • Fostering Personal Development and Wellness - Students set goals and strategies to support their wellbeing, as well as their academic and professional success.
  • Promoting Understanding of Diversity and Social Responsibility - Students engage with core concepts of diversity and universality, and demonstrate principles of responsible citizenship within and beyond the campus community.

With assistance from faculty and staff, students at Ship make their mark while they’re here and after they graduate. That’s because Ship provides more than just an education, it provides a complete life experience.

FYE applies to all first year students at Shippensburg University and transfer students with less than 30 credit hours.

If you have questions regarding the First Year Experience or UNIV 101, please contact one of the FYE Coordinators today!