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Dr. John Kooti


Dr Kooti
Office: Grove Hall 124
Phone: 717-477-1435

  Dean and Professor of Finance, Shippensburg University of PA

Iraq Reports 

Academic Degrees

Post-Doctoral Program in Finance:  University of Florida, August 2010
Degree:  Ph.D., Michigan State University 
           M.S., Michigan State University

Research & Teaching Areas  

Financial Economics, International Finance, Exchange Rates and International Trade, and Regional Economic and Financial issues. 

Recent Publications 

Kooti, John and Feng Xu, the Impact of the Appreciation of the Chinese Yuan on the US Manufacturing Sector, Academy of the Business Disciplines Journal, 2011 Special Edition.

Valentine, Randal and John Kooti, the Implication of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley on the 2008 Economic Downturn” Franklin Business and Law Journal, December 15, 2008.

Valentine, Randall and John Kooti, the Bad Neighbor:  A Case Study of State Farm in Hurricane Katrina, Conflict Negotiation and Resolution Journal, Volume 1, 2008

Kooti, John and Randall Valentine, and Dawn Valentine “Accreditation and Assessment:  A Collaborative Approach” presented (voted best paper) in the 2006 International Business & Economic Research Conference, Las Vega, Nevada, October 6-10, 2006.   Selected for publication in College Teaching Methods and Styles, Volume 3, Number 3, Third Quarter, 2007

Kooti, John G., Randall Valentine, and Dawn Valentine, "Perceptions of Police Protection on Economics and Education:  A Note on Influences", Global Education Journal 2007

Valentine, Randall, John Kooti, and Dawn Valentine “Minority Marketing in the Finance Industry” the American Academy of Financial Management Journal, Volume 8, fall 2006.

Kooti, John G., and Randall Valentine “Workforce Capacity and Employer Satisfaction in Southwest Georgia:  A Case Study in Rural Economic Development Needs,” Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, Volume 6, Issue 1, 2006.

Valentine, Randall and John G. Kooti; “November Effect and Tax Loss Selling:  An Empirical Investigation The Journal of International Business Research; Spring 2006

Recent Consulting 

  1.  Educational Needs Assessment  
  2.  Asset Valuations and Economic Value of Life Estimation
     Professional Experience, Leadership & Service 

Professional Experience, Leadership & Service 

Kooti, John, Executive Editor, Academy of Business Disciplines Journal, official publication of the ABD Conference, ISSN: 2150-1033.

Kooti, John; Editor of the new online journal: Journal of Applied Financial Research