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Dr. Wendy S. Becker

Management / Marketing / Entrepreneurship Department
Wendy Becker
 Office: Grove Hall 229
Phone: (717) 477-1410
Office Hours and Teaching Schedule 

Professor of Management, John L. Grove College of Business 

Visiting Professor, MCI Management Law Center, Innsbruck, Austria

Academic Degrees 

PhD. Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Master of Science, Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Penn State University (Highest Honors)  

Research & Teaching Areas

Research Interests: Experiential learning, managerial development, qualitative research methodology, leadership, motivation theory.

Teaching Areas: Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Business Ethics, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior.  

Journal Publications

Becker, W. S. (2023). You need to pick the pilot:  Employee training in risky operations. In SAGE Business Cases. SAGE Publications: SAGE Business Cases Originals.

Becker, W. S., & Dale, W. M. (2021). The real CSI: Retention of key employees in the crime lab. Journal of Human Resources Education, 15, 1, 1-9.

Hargrove, M. B., Hargrove, D. F., & Becker, W. S. (2016). Managing stress: Human resource management interventions in distress and eustress. Journal of Human Resources Education, 10, 25-38.

Hargrove, M. B., Becker, W. S., & Hargrove, D. F. (2015). The HR eustress model: Creating work challenge through positive stress. Human Resource Development Review, 14(3), 279-298.

Becker, W. S., & Burke, M. J. (2014). Instructional staff rides for management learning and education. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 13, 4, 510-524.

Becker, W. S., Catanio, J. T., & Bailey, A. E. (2014). Incivility at work: A project management case involving workplace bullying. Journal of Human Resources Education, 8, 2/3, 20-31.

Becker, W. S. (2014). Cultural agility: Building a pipeline of successful global professionals [Review]. Personnel Psychology, 67, 1, 526-529.       

Kowalski, M., & Becker, W. S. (2014). A developing profession: Muslim chaplains in American public life. Contemporary Islam. 9, 17-44.

Becker, W. S. (2013). Starting new team operations: Lessons from greenfield managers. Team Performance Management. 19, 1/2, 72-86.

Becker, W. S., & Burke, M. J. (2012). The staff ride: An approach to qualitative data generation and analysis. Organizational Research Methods, 15, 2, 316-335 

Becker, W. S. (2011). Are you leading a socially responsible and sustainable human resource function? People & Strategy, 34, 1, 18-23.

Becker, W. S., Carbo, J. A.  II, Esq., & Langella, I. M. (2010). Beyond self-interest: Integrating social responsibility and supply chain management with human resource development.  Human Resource Development Review, 9, 2, 144-168. 

Becker, W. S., Dale, W. M., & Pavur, E. J. Jr. (2010). Forensic science in transition: Critical leadership challenges. Forensic Science Policy & Management: An International Journal, 1, 1-10.

Becker, W. S. (2010). Ethics and human resources: An exercise involving new employees.  Journal of Human Resource Education, 4, 4, 26-34.  

Becker, W. S. (2007). Missed opportunities and the Great Bear Wilderness Disaster. Organizational Dynamics, 36, 4, 363-376.


Dale, W. M. & Becker, W. S. (2014). Applying Business Principles to Forensic Laboratory Management. NYC: Taylor & Francis. CRC Press.

Dale, W. M. & Becker, W. S. (2007).  The Crime Scene: How Forensic Science Works. NYC: Kaplan Publishing.

Academic Presentations and Invited Talks

Becker, W. S., Burke, M. J., & Kayes, D. C. (2017). Learning through organizational crisis and disaster. Symposium submitted to the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA.

Becker, W. S., & Coombs, A. (2017). Analysis of the Butte Staff Ride. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY.

Becker, W. S., & Hanson, C. (2016). Use of an immersive exercise to increase student awareness of risky decision-making. Paper presented at the annual meeting Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY.

Becker, W. S. (2015). Increasing student awareness of risky decision-making. Paper presented at the Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration (MAACBA) conference, Bolton Landing, NY.

Becker, W. S., & Burke, M. J. (2015). Increasing student engagement in management education.  Paper presented at the Southern Academy of Management, St. Pete Beach, FL.

Becker, W. S. (2015). Keynote speaker. Risk management workshop: CalPers Case Study. Washington State Investment Board, Seattle, WA.

Hargrove, M. B., Becker, W. S., & Quick, J. (2015). The curvilinear relationship between ethical arousal and ethical performance. 75thannual meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, CA.

Becker, W. S., Catanio, J. T., & Leibensperger, C., (2015). Effectiveness of target response to workplace bullying. Eastern Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA. 

Leibensperger, C., Becker, W. S., & Catanio, J. T. (2015). Target response to workplace bullying: Results from a national and student survey. Minds@Work conference, Shippensburg, PA.

Becker, W. S. (2015). Increasing student engagement: The historic military staff ride. 26th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Becker, W. S., & Burke, M. J. (2014). The staff ride: A new (old) method for connecting management research and practice. Midwest Academy of Management, Minneapolis, MN. 

Becker, W. S. (2014). The staff ride: A new approach to qualitative research. In, Conducting qualitative research: Methodologies and strategies for I/O psychologists. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Honolulu, HI. 

Becker, W. S. (2014). Keynote speaker, Risk Management. New York State Teachers Retirement System (NYSTRS).

Becker, W. S. & Burke, M. J. (2013). Extending the Staff Ride for Qualitative Research in Organizational Psychology. European Association f Work and Organizational Psychology, Münster, Germany.

Becker, W. S. & Burke, M. J. (2013). Master Tutorial. Qualitative investigation of context: The staff ride for research and practice. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Houston, TX. [Selected as program exemplar for 2014].

SELECT Honors and Awards 

Editor’s Choice Award 2023. ‘You need to pick the pilot: Employee selection and training in risky operations,’ Sage Business Cases.

Interviewed March 20, 2020 in Lab Manager, ‘Managing Your Lab Amid COVID-19.’

Elected Fellow, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2015). 

Recipient, Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology, 26th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning (2015). 

President, Executive Board, Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology, elected (2015-2016). 

Academy of Management Organizations and the Natural Environment Division’s Book Award, “Green Organizations: Driving Change with I-O Psychology” (2014, with co-authors).

 Teaching Innovation and Pedagogy Spotlight (TIPS) Award, Shippensburg University (2014). 

Recipient, Research Excellence Award, Academy of Human Resource Development (2010, with co-authors).

EditorThe Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (2007-2010). 

Recipient, Teaching and Research Awards, College of Business, Shippensburg University (2008-2014). 

Recipient, Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, State University of New York (2007). 

Recipient, Newman Dissertation Award, Academy of Management (2000).