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John L. Grove 
College of Business
Advisory Board Charter

 I.      Mission 

The mission of the Advisory Board for the John L. Grove College of Business is to improve the image and reputation of the college through our professional and financial assistance, resulting in advancing the learning experience of our students and enhancing the quality of teaching and research by our faculty. The results of our efforts should be reflected in the quality of graduates from the college.

 II.      Purpose

Provide advice, insight and guidance on college issues and financial support to aid the College's programs for students, faculty professional development, equipment, research, etc.

 III.      Name 

The name of the organization shall be the Advisory Board of the John L. Grove College of Business of Shippensburg University 

 IV.      Membership Expectations 

The membership and expectations of an Advisory Board member include the following:

  • Membership on the Board will mainly consist of prominent organizational leaders who have an interest in the advancement and continuous improvement of the John L. Grove College of Business;
  • Demonstrate leadership by making a commitment in time, talents, connections, and a willingness to annually provide personal financial support to the College Associates Fund, as well as, considering making a major commitment;
  • Willingness to encourage others to support the College through a financial contribution to the Shippensburg University Foundation;
  • Actively participate in bi-annual Advisory Board meetings and assigned subcommittee meetings to provide feedback on programs including, but not limited to, College of Business strategic plan; classes, programs and degrees; and budget matters as requested by the Dean, faculty, and students.
  • In addition, members may be asked for advice and counsel periodically by phone, writing or personal meeting;
  • Support the University through several of the following ways: provide student internships and/or employment opportunities for students; guest speaking; judging student events; encourage and invite others to become involved with the College; recommend others to serve on the Advisory Board; and support special projects of the College; and
  • Share positive news about the University and College with others.


Membership will not have a maximum number of members and shall consist of professionals from business organizations and the public at large.  The Advisory Board seeks to be a diverse group in terms of gender, culture, and size of businesses represented. The Advisory Board shall assist in identifying organizations to be represented.  The Dean and Foundation representative will assist in recruiting efforts for new Board members. The Dean has final decision-making authority on new board members but will seek input from the Board as needed.  

Membership representation will be sought from alumnae of the college with professional experience in manufacturing, service, information, financial, health care, government, not-for-profit, and other enterprises.  Membership will also be open to business professionals that may not have attended Shippensburg University but have a sincere interest in supporting the College and students.

 V.    Terms

All members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed for three-year terms with the opportunity for reappointment. 

 VI.   Removal of Members

If at any time during a member’s term, s/he is found to not be in fulfilling the responsibilities of membership including, but not limited to, paying annual dues, s/he will be asked to resign from the Advisory Board by the Dean and/or Advisory Board Chair. 

 VII.  Governance 

The members of the Advisory Board consist of the body of the Board and are its government.

 VIII.  Quorum 

A simple majority of the members present of the Advisory Board shall constitute a quorum.

 IX.   Officers 

Officers of the Advisory Board shall consist of a chairperson, chairperson-elect and secretary. The chairperson shall be appointed by the Dean of the College. 

 X.    Appointments and Terms of Chairperson 

Chairperson shall be appointed for a term of three years.  A chairperson-elect shall be selected at the Spring meeting of the last year of the chairperson’s term by the Dean of the College of Business.  The Dean of the College of Business shall seek input from the chairperson and/or Board as deemed necessary.

 XI.    Voting 

Advisory Board matters subjected to a vote will be decided by a simple majority of a quorum.

 XII.   Recommendations of the Board 

All recommendations of the Advisory Board are advisory to the Dean of the College of Business for implementation at his/her discretion.

 XIII.   Meetings 

The Advisory Board shall meet at least twice each academic year, preferably once in the fall and once in the spring, on dates announced by the chairperson. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or the dean, with reasonable notice to the membership. Selection of meeting dates and locations shall be the responsibility of the chairperson and dean.

 XIV.  Agenda 

A tentative agenda will be planned by the chairperson and dean at least 10 days prior to the meeting date.  The tentative agenda for meetings will be emailed in advance to the Advisory Board members and other appropriate individuals along with copies of the meeting presentations for their review.

 XV.   Duties od the Chairperson 

It shall be the duty of the chairperson to act as the executive head of the Advisory Board and to preside over meetings of the Board. The chairperson shall have the power to call special meetings of the Board; to appoint working committees; to decide points of order; and to appoint, with concurrence by the dean, an interim officer in case of vacancy.

 XVI.   Duties of the Chairperson-elect 

The chairperson-elect shall assist the chairperson in the performance of assigned duties and, in the absence or disability of the chairperson, shall succeed to the power and duties of the chairperson, and shall have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Advisory Board.

 XVII.   Duties of the Secretary

The secretary shall maintain accurate minutes of all meetings; distribute minutes to each member on a timely basis; be responsible for the general communication required for the efficient and effective discharge of the Advisory Board duties and responsibilities; and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.

 XVIII.  Duties of the Dean 

The dean shall provide appropriate information and data necessary for the Advisory Board to carry out its activities, formulate agenda items, and inform the Board on actions regarding Board recommendations.

 XIX.    Recommendations 

Any member of the Advisory Board may recommend changes to the charter in an official meeting of the Board.

 XX.     Voting 

The charter may be amended by two-thirds vote of a quorum and ratification by the dean at an official meeting of the Board

 XXI.    General Provisions 

Each member is expected to make an annual financial contribution to the College Associates Fund.  The current contribution is $1,000 per year.  Any exceptions to this contribution amount are at the discretion of the Dean.   

It is also the responsibility of each Board member to pay for their own travel and lodging expenses associated with Board meetings.   

The annual contribution could be changed in the future based on the consent of the Advisory Board and dean.