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A Tour of Grove Hall

Grove Hall houses the John L. Grove College of Business, the university media center and the political science and sociology/anthropology departments. This 65,000 square foot facility includes classrooms and lecture halls, seminar rooms, special purpose laboratory classrooms, classrooms equipped with electronic and computer technology, and faculty offices. The building was dedicated on March 11, 1997 and fully occupied in June of 1997. The building has five levels. The garden floor has the Distance Education Room where our MBA classes are taught, the offices and studios of the Media Center, the service entrance, and the machinery room. A prominent feature is the TV studio with high ceilings reaching up to the first floor.

The first floor has two main entrances, one facing campus and the other facing Heiges Fieldhouse. The campus entrance leads into the lobby area. The main entrance to the Forum is to the right. The Forum is a 140-seat facility for special programs and speakers. The upper level of the Forum serves as a lounge for students. The seats in the Forum retract to accommodate receptions. The garden level in the Forum has a door to a patio that is used for warm weather receptions.

The other feature in this area is the computer lab. It has a retracting wall so that at least half the lab will be open to 'walk-in' students, even if class is being held in the other half. Also on the first floor are the Deans' offices, faculty offices, a conference room, the MBA/Internship office and the office of the MBA director.

The second floor features a seminar room named for Frank Wisman, a patron of the Investment Management Program. The second floor has the only tiered classroom -- the International Forum, a 70-seat facility with tiered, curved rows of seats and a full complement of multimedia equipment. The second floor also houses two department offices (Finance & Information Management & Analysis and Management/Marketing) along with individual faculty offices. Other classrooms on the second floor are the Debit Classroom, the Credit Classroom, the Strategic Issues Room, and The Market Place.

The third floor has the offices of the Frehn Center and the WEDnet PA program. There are two department offices (Accounting & Management Information Systems and Economics) housed on this floor, along with a number faculty offices. The most prominent feature is the MIS teaching lab. It is a large room with rows of computers arranged in an arc allowing for 'hands on' learning. The Supply Chain Management courses are taught in a computerized classroom. Economics and Finance also have classrooms on this floor.

The fourth floor houses the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a large conference room where distance MBA courses are taught in the evenings. In addition, two sophisticated classrooms are setup for student interaction and one is for specifically for information systems student with all the latest technology.

Other features in the building include bulletin boards throughout the building for student and faculty use, lobbies on every floor to serve as study and gathering places for students and faculty, display cases on each floor, and multimedia equipment and computer network connections in every classroom, and a Rise Stock Ticker in the first floor lobby.