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Dr. Fei Qin

Finance / Supply Chain Management Department

 Grove Hall 133
Phone: (717) 477-1678

Office Hours and Teaching Schedule 

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management 

Research and Teaching Interests 

Dr. Fei Qin has broad research interests in Supply Chain and Operations Management. 

He has taught various Operations and Business Analytics courses in the University of Cincinnati, Oakland University as well as Soochow University in China. Before joining Shippensburg, he had been a Post-Doc Research Fellow at Desaultels Faculty of Management of McGill University, Canada.


1. Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Post-Doc Research Fellow, Operations Management, 2014 –2015 

2. Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati, Ph.D. in Business Administration,  August 2014 

3. Iowa State University, Master of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, 2006 

4. Fudan University, Shanghai, China, Master of Science, 2003, Bachelor of Science, 2000 

Recent Publications 

  1. Liu, Q., J. Xu, F. Qin, (2017)  Optimization for the Integrated Operations in an Uncertain Construction Supply Chain, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management,  64(3), 400–414
  2. Qin, F., F. Mai, M. J. Fry, A. S. Raturi, (2016) Supply-Chain Performance Anomalies: Fairness Concerns under Private Cost Information, European Journal of Operational Research, 252, 170–182
  3. Qin, F., U. S. Rao, H. Gurnani, B. Ramesh, (2014) Role of Random Capacity Risk and the Retailer in Decentralized Supply Chains with Competing Suppliers, Decision Sciences, 45(2), 255–279
  4. Liu, Y., F. Qin, M. J. Fry, A. S. Raturi, (2012) Multi-Period Modeling of Two-way Price Commitment Under Price-Dependent Demand, European Journal of Operational Research, 221(3), 546–556
  5. Qin, F., T. Rudolphi, (2010) Finite Element Modeling of Viscoelastic Stress Analysis under Moving Loads, International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 1(4), 226–233