Mr. and Mrs. Milton K. Morgan III Makerspace

The Charles H. Diller Jr. Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation is excited to announce the Mr. and Mrs. Milton K. Morgan III Makerspace, located in the Shippensburg University Centers for Excellence in Downtown Shippensburg. The Makerspace offers a hands- on, innovative learning space for Shippensburg University students, faculty, and staff.  

The Makerspace is a creative space for ideas, dreams, and visions to grow and become reality.  Milton K. Morgan III ‘76 and his wife Doreen are passionate supporting this kind of space. Milt said, “I have always been a hands-on person and believe experiencing and doing things creates learning opportunities not available by just reading about them. Our hope for the Makerspace is that such an opportunity will be provided for all interested students.” Thank you to Milt and Dory for funding this project and offering a unique opportunity to the Shippensburg University community.

The Diller Center and the Morgan Makerspace hope to inspire an innovative desire and passion in Shippensburg University students, faculty, and staff. The Makerspace provides access to a computer lab with 3D printing, and the equipment room offers access to hand and power tools; fabrication equipment, such as laser cutter, drill press, band and hand saws; hot press for t-shirt, mug, hat and decal design, sewing machines, graphic design, and so much more! The Morgan Makerspace will also offer a variety of resources to bring future vision, projects, inventions, creations, and explorations into reality.

The Shippensburg University Center for Excellence is located at 29 E. King Street, Shippensburg, PA 17257. Please contact the Makerspace at for more information or to set up a time to visit the Morgan Makerspace you can submit a reservation form.  

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