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Student Organization to Learn Visualize and Explore

The main purpose of SOLVE is to aid in the development of diverse skill sets relating to manufacturing, inventing, entrepreneurship, artistic expression, and more. SOLVE arms its members with the ability to forge their own paths through life, enact impactful and positive change in society, and encourage the self-starting mindset. Members of SOLVE will learn new skills by participating in constructive projects as teams or independently, as well as attending organizational events focused around concepts including emerging technology, design processes, and business planning. SOLVE is not an exclusive organization; ALL students of any discipline are welcome. SOLVE operates under the guidance of one central principle: drive success through the application of skills and collaboration with others.

David Wolfe | | President

Kyle Smith | | Vice President

Stella Andersen | | Secretary

Darius Anderson | | Treasurer

Ryan Januszko | 

Evan Nissley | 

Jaron Carl | 

Peter de Bruin |

Contact the Morgan Makerspace | SOLVE Shippensburg University Centers for Excellence 29 E. King Street Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1520