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Why an MBA

Earning an MBA is hard work, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Some reasons you might consider an MBA program include:

  • Advance your career
  • Earn higher wages
  • Start your own business
  • Become a leader in an emerging field
  • Gain networking resources
  • Enjoy greater job security  

Why an MBA at Ship

The John L. Grove College of Business Master in Business Administration degree program offers high quality and outstanding value. Our AACSB-accredited MBA program is designed to help you succeed in a rapidly changing global economy. Our graduate students find the Ship MBA reputable, affordable, and convenient. Our faculty are committed to teaching and helping you understand the business world and find your place in it.

Ship delivers its MBA degree program in two convenient formats:

  • Ship MBA Evening: A full-time or part-time hybrid format designed for working professionals.
  • Ship MBA Online: A convenient, 100 percent online format that can be completed in one year (full-time) or two years (part-time). 

To be eligible for admission to the MBA Program applicants must submit the following to their Ship Admissions portal:

  • A 500 word statement of purpose for pursuing an MBA, your future goals, and why you chose Shippensburg University through the "Program Statement or Questionnaire" link
  • Current resume

Applicants must also:

  • Have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Complete an online application
  • Qualifying GRE scores may be accepted by the department on a case-by-case basis.

 Contact the Graduate Admissions Office at for more information about program requirements. 

Ship's 30-credit MBA consists of 8 required core courses (3 credits each) and 2 elective courses (3 credits each). The requirements are the same in each of the three delivery formats. You may choose 7 of the following 8 core courses: 

  • MBA502 Managerial Accounting
  • MBA529 Corporate Financial Management
  • MBA548 IT Management and Innovation
  • MBA554 International Business
  • MBA556 Organizational Leadership
  • MBA565 Contemporary Decision Making
  • MBA570 Marketing Management
  • MBA577 Supply Chain Management

This is a capstone course. You must have completed four core courses (12 credits). It is highly recommended that you have taken MBA 502 and MBA 529. 

  • MBA593 Strategic Management

The John L. Grove College of Business offers five concentrations to complement your MBA. 

The NEW 36-credit, hybrid program Business Analytics is available to all MBA students regardless of track selection.  Students can complete this non-stop within 7 months.  You will take 7 of the 8 core courses, students must complete MBA Capstone course, MBA593 Strategic Management and then the following 4 business analytics courses:

  • MBA506 Data Mining for Predictive Analytics I (Offered Summer A)
  • MBA507 Data Mining for Predictive Analytics II (Offered Summer B)
  • MBA511 Marketing Analytics (Offered Winter term)
  • ISS550 Database Design (Not available online, at Shippensburg in a hybrid format evening and video conferencing and only offered Fall)

This 36-credit, 100 percent online Finance Concentration is available to all MBA students regardless of location or track selection. You will take the 8 core courses and then take the following 4 courses: 

  • FIN520 Financial Risk Management
  • FIN512 Investment Analysis
  • FIN525 Multinational Business Finance
  • FIN533 Applied Financial Analysis

Before taking any of the finance concentration courses, you must first complete the core courses MBA529 Corporate Financial Management  and MBA502 Managerial Accounting. Courses will be scheduled in winter and summer terms allowing students to complete the concentration in as little as one calendar year.

The new 36-credit, 100 percent online Health Care Management Concentration is available to all MBA students regardless of track selection. You will take the 8 core courses and then take the following 4 courses: 

  • MBA 581 Health Care Financial Management
  • MBA 582 Health Information Technology
  • MBA 583 Health Care Law
  • MBA 584 Health Care Strategic Management

Before taking any of the HCM concentration courses, students must first complete all of the foundation course requirements.

The 36-credit, 100 percent online Supply Chain Management Concentration is available to all MBA students regardless of track selection. You will take the 8 core courses and then select 4 courses from the following:

  • SCM510 Introduction to Logistics and Transportation Management
  • SCM515 Procurement Management
  • SCM555 Supply Chain Quality Management
  • SCM570 Supply Chain Management Theory and Practice
  • SCM590 Warehousing and Distribution Management

The 36-credit, hybrid Management Information Systems Concentration is not available online. You will take the 8 core courses and then take the following 4 courses: 

  • ISS515 Information Systems Project Management
  • ISS550 Database Design
  • ISS570 Information Analysis
  • MBA547 Management Information Systems & Applications

MBA Program


The John L. Grove College of Business, established in 1971, is one of the premier business schools in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Northeast). Since 1981, our College of Business has been internationally accredited by the most prestigious business accrediting agency in the world, AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) accreditation. Membership in AACSB certifies the quality of the curriculum, faculty, and support services. Under the guidelines of accreditation, we are committed to continuous improvement as we seek to meet the educational needs of our students, our community and our region. The John L. Grove College of Business is one of approximately 650 institutions worldwide that have earned this designation.

The Graduate Research Grant Program is designed to provide financial support to graduate students for research or scholarly activities related to their program of study to enable them to better understand the scientific process, experience discovery, develop their analytical and communication skills, and gain exposure to national ideas through the presentation of the results of their research at conferences. Our grant program has funded field and laboratory research as well as computer application and software development. The Graduate Research Grant Program is funded by the School of Graduate Studies and the Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs.



  • 推进您的事业发展
  • 赚取更高的工资
  • 开创自己的事业
  • 成为新兴领域的领导者
  • 获得人际关系网络
  • 获得更好的工作保障


John L. Grove商学院工商管理硕士学位课程为学生提供高水平、高质量的教育服务。我们的MBA课程由国际商学院协会认证,旨在帮助您在快速变化的全球经济中取得成功。我们的毕业生评价我们史宾斯堡大学的MBA信誉良好,价格合理,并且设计优秀。我们的教师致力于让您了解商业世界并帮助找到您在其中的位置。


  • 史宾斯堡大学MBA晚间课程:这是为专业人士设计的全职或兼职混合形式。这个课程在多个地点开设课程,包括史宾斯堡大学和狄克逊大学中心(哈里斯堡)。
  • 史宾斯堡大学MBA在线课程:一种十分方便的网络在线学习形式,可以让您在一年(全职)或两年(兼职)获得MBA学位。