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CIB-Shippensburg University Programs

College of Information and Business

Shippensburg University and the College of Information and Business (CIB) have a partnership that allows CIB students to obtain a Master of Business Administration in either a 3+1+1 or a 4+1 program.

3+1+1 Program

Shippensburg University offers a 3+1+1 program where you will complete your first three years of study at CIB and your final undergraduate year of study here in Shippensburg. After graduation, you can apply for the MBA program and complete it in Shippensburg during your fifth year of studies.

4+1 Program

Our 4+1 program allows students with a bachelor's degree from CIB to earn a Master of Business Administration.

Connect on WeChat

You can get in touch with instructor Ning Lu through WeChat by scanning the QR code below or searching “001867173952147” in WeChat.

Ning Lu WeChat QR code

史宾斯堡大学和中原工学院信息商务学院(CIB)合作办理工商管理硕士项目。该项目允许CIB学生通过3 + 1+1或4 + 1项目获得工商管理硕士学位。

3 + 1+1项目

3 + 1+1项目,即您将在中原工学院信息商务学院CIB学习三年后,可以选择在史宾斯堡大学继续学习, 一年即可获得本科学士学位。毕业后,您可以申请一年制工商管理硕士课程,并通过第五年在史宾斯堡大学的学习获得MBA学位。

4 + 1项目

4 + 1项目允许拥有CIB学士学位的学生通过在史宾斯堡大学一年的学习获得工商管理硕士学位。

Contact the MBA Department, College of Business

Grove Hall 324 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1483