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We in the Grove College of Business recommend that students have their own personal computers. This is only a recommendation, it is neither a requirement nor a necessity .The University provides computers in general laboratories for student use. These computers are fully equipped with the hardware and software needed by the students and are open at hours convenient for students. These general-purpose labs, however, can be crowded at the end of each semester. Some courses require intensive and extensive computer work. Our recommendation that students have computers is based on convenience for the student. It eliminates the necessity of working on a computer in a lab with many other students. In addition, the student has access to a computer any time he or she wishes. The decision to provide one's son or daughter with a computer must be the result of a number of factors including perceived necessity, convenience, and cost. Others may wish to wait and see if or when a computer becomes necessary or convenient. We do not recommend particular brands of computers beyond being Windows compatible, but encourage those who do purchase computers to shop for the best combination of price, quality, and service. If you do choose to purchase a computer, the following are general guidelines to assist you in your shopping. 

HARDWARE: The computer should be a Windows-based computer.  For a new computer Windows 10 is recommended, more specific Windows 10 hardware requirements and upgrade advice can be found at website.  Desktop, tower and laptop computers are equally suitable. 

A surge protector or UPS to protect your investment if it is a desktop or tower. 

Processor: The machine should have a dual processor or better. With regard to speed, the higher the GHz speed number is usually the better. 

Monitor: The LCD flat panel monitor should be at least 15" or larger. 

Memory: The size of the memory (RAM) available should be at least 16 GB.  More is better. 

Dedicated video cards are also recommended. 

USB Flash Drives, DVD+/-RW Drives have become the norm for external storage. 

Printer: An inexpensive color inkjet printer is nice for reports, letters and the like. Prices have dropped to where they can be purchased for about $100. 

USB Flash Drives: These are handy for storing larger amounts of data and are very portable,especially for use within our various computer labs. Avoid those that provide password protection as they could conflict with security software installed on our lab computers. 

Communication Cards - network cards are essential if the student wishes to access the ResNet network while on-campus – Ethernet 10/100 or faster card. Shippensburg University provides wireless coverage in most academic buildings and common areas of the residence halls and campus access is continuing to be expanded and upgraded. A wireless card (802.11x) is necessary to take advantage of this mobility. Those living off-campus will need a modem and an internet service provider to gain entry to the Internet. 

Internet Access – Access is widely available throughout the campus including our academic buildings, computer labs and residence halls. A majority of the faculty members are using the Internet to post assignments and course materials. 

LAPTOPS: Provide mobility and can be used in most of our campus buildings through wireless connections - a wireless card is required (802.11x). An Ethernet card may also be necessary for web access in the Residence Halls where wireless access is unavailable. 

Some things to consider on purchasing a laptop: 

  • Weight – usually the lighter the computer the more expensive. How much do you plan to carry the laptop around with you?
  • Screen size – the larger the better but often more expensive.
  • Ports – how many devices can be connected to the laptop at one time? At least two USB ports should be available.
  • Docking Station – provides cable management capabilities and alleviates the need to re-connect peripherals each time you return to your desk.
  • AC Adapter
  • Security lock 

You may wish to also consider purchasing a mouse, speakers, carrying case, extra battery pack, surge protector and a modem for use off-campus wired internet access services. 

Most computer vendors offer discounts to enrolled students. 

SOFTWARE: The Grove College of Business has standardized on Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.) Software can also be purchased at reduced academic prices from a variety of vendors such as  Students are also encouraged to use anti-spam and anti-virus software. This software is provided free of charge

The newest version of Office is recommended and should include Access/Excel/PowerPoint/Word.