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John L. Grove
Career Readiness Program

Discover, Develop, Define, and Distinguish the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to become “Career Ready” post-graduation.

To ensure our future graduates are positioned for career advancement, John L. Grove College of Business has teamed up with the Career, Mentoring and Professional Development Center to introduce its Career Readiness Program. Hosted by the Suitable website, the Career Readiness Program is designed to strengthen competencies that companies/recruiters regularly look for in potential employees. By participating in a robust schedule of activities, students will be able to show fundamental skills in the following competencies listed as vital by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), an organization that monitors trends in the job market for college graduates: 

  1.   Critical Thinking/Problem Solving 
  2.   Communication
  3.   Teamwork/Collaboration
  4.   Information Technology
  5.   Professionalism/Work Ethic
  6.   Leadership
  7.   Career Management
  8.   Global/Intercultural Fluency

Starting with the Fall 2018 semester, students in the College of Business will be expected to display continual growth and develop skillsets that are desired by potential employers. Students majoring in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management, Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management are participating in this program.   

The College of Business aims to help our students develop specific skill sets, enhancing the overall undergraduate experience, and better preparing them for eventual transition from the classroom to the workforce. The 4-year curriculum entails:

BSN 101- Foundations of Business AdministrationIce Cream Social

  • Goal setting (professional and personal)
    • Four Year Academic Study Plan
  • Career exploration and exposure
    • Major/minor fair
    • Focus2 Career Assessment
  • Networking opportunities with students and faculty
    • Sponsored Ice Cream Social
  • Campus involvement
    • Professional Student Organization Meeting
  • Job shadowing program
  • Resume development
  • Portfolio development
  • Networking opportunities with students and faculty
  • Attend Leadership Symposium
    • Going Global; Working Internationally

Career FairBUS 304- Managerial Communications

  • Perfecting the “Career Search” Fall
    • Career Fair
  • Job shadowing program
  • Resume development
  • Portfolio development
    • Internship opportunities
  • Etiquette training
    • Annual etiquette dinner
  • Networking opportunities with students and faculties

MGT 447- Business & Society

MGT 497- Strategic Management

  • Interconnectedness of Business
  • Portfolio progress and completion
  • Goal Refining
  • Real world interviewing
    • Online Mock Interviews
  • Etiquette training
    • Internships
  • Networking opportunities with students and faculty
  • Annual Golf Outing