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Employment Relations and Workplace Studies Minor

This minor will provide students with course work that will prepare them for entry level work in a number of high growth HR related fields including human resource management, human resource development, diversity, equity, and inclusion, organizational development, training, health and safety, depending on the elective courses that students select. Students will gain a deeper understanding about the world of work and how work impacts all other parts of society and how societal factors impact the workplace. This will prepare students to understand their potential future roles as supervisors, managers, leaders, workers, and members of society. The three required courses (MGT 305, MGT 340, MGT 342 or MGT 346) provide students with the basic foundations needed to work in these fields and the extensive list of electives to fulfill the other 9 credit hour requirements will allow students to tailor the minor to meet their specific interests.

Required Courses

MGT 305 Organizational Behavior
MGT 340 Human Resource Management
MGT 342 Labor Relations, OR
MGT 346 Employment Law

Three Electives from the following Courses

ANT – 220 Anthropology for International Studies
ANT – 320 Comparative Gender Roles
DS 100 – Intro to Disability Studies
DS 400 – Capstone in Dis Studies (would require second minor in Disability Studies)
ECO 303 – Labor Economics
ECO 360 Industrial Organization
ECO 490 – Law and Economics
ENG 250 Literature and Society
ENG 358 Ethnic Literature
ENG 359 Native American Literature
ENG 345 Women’s Literature
ENG 362 Disability in Literature
ENG 370 Queer Studies
ENG 375 African American Literature
ESC 207 Stress management
ETH – Intro to Ethnic Studies
ETH Intro to African American Studies
ETH – Intro to Latino Studies
HCS 200 – Human Communication Theory
HCS 265 – Interviewing
HCS 270 – Intergroup/intercultural Communication
HCS 310 African-American Communication
HCS 315 Asian-American Communication
HCS 325 Voices of Black Anti-Racism and Protest
HCS 340 Gender and Communications
HCS 372 Communications for Training and Instruction
HCS 385 Resolving Conflict Through Communication
MGT 349 International Human Resource Management
MGT 370 International Business
MGT 394 Leadership for Business
MGT 447 Business and Society
MGT 448 Compensation and Benefits
MGT 450 Negotiations
MGT 470 International Management
MGT 490 Special Topics
MGT 491 Special Topics
MGT 497 Strategic Management
MGT 498 Business Planning
PHL 101 Intro to Philosophy
PHL 102 Critical Thinking
PHL 105 Ethical Theories and Problems
PLS 271 Intro to Public Administration
PLS 302 Public Policy Analysis
PLS 372 Public Personnel Administration
PLS 373 Public Financial Administration
PSY 235 Conditioning and Learning
PSY 101 General Psychology
PSYCH 240 Psychology of Personality
PSY 250 Lifespan (online summer and winter)
PSY 270 Social Psychology
PSY 315 Psychology of Prejudice and Minority Experience
PSY 335 Psychology of Social Influence
PSY 350 Psychology of Sustainability
PSY 361 Psychology of Group Interaction
PSY 475 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (online winter and summer)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology: Society and Diversity
SOC 220 Social Inequality
SOC 243 Race in America
SOC 258 Gender, Culture, and Power
SOC 265 Global Society
SOC 310 Leading in Society
SOC 320 Sociology of Disability
SOC 354 Social Movements and Social Change
SOC 435 Gender, Organizations and Leadership
SOC 440 Global Leadership for Global Society
SOC 445 Sexuality and Sexual Orientation: A Social Approach
SWK 102 Social Work in Social Welfare (Pending SWK Department Approval)
SWK 250 Assessing Individuals in the Social Environment (Pending SWK Department Approval)
SWK 265 Understanding Diversity for Social Work (Pending SWK Department Approval)
SWK 356 – Intellectual and Development Disabilities (Pending SWK Department Approval)
WST 100 Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies
WST 300 Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies

Other courses as approved by Management Department and Advisor