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Digital Marketing and Analytics

Why Study Digital Marketing and Analytics

A BSBA degree in marketing, with a concentration in digital marketing and analytics teaches fundamental principles of business including accounting, finance, management, supply chain management, marketing, and management information systems, with a focus on generating business through data-driven, digital means. Marketing is a field focused on facilitating satisfying exchange relationships, which is at the heart of business. This digital marketing and analytics concentration focuses on the digital and social media components of modern marketing, as well as the techniques used to analyze the large amounts of data collected and used in digital marketing.

The B.S.B.A in Digital Marketing and Analytics requires 120 credits total for graduation. These include courses in:

Required (18 crs.)

  • MKT 206 - Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 331 - Marketing Analytics I
    Must earn a C or better in this course.
  • MKT 430 - Marketing Research
  • MKT 451 - Marketing Analytics II

Electives (3 crs.)

Choose one from the following 3 credit courses:

  • MKT 325 - Advertising and Promotional Strategy
  • MKT 352 - Principles of Retailing
  • MKT 360 - International Marketing
  • MKT 365 - Relationship Marketing
  • MKT 370 - Services Marketing
  • MKT 380 - Sports Marketing
  • ENT 337 - Issues in Entrepreneurship
  • MIS 240 - Introduction to Programming Concepts
  • MGT 450 - Negotiation
  • SCM 380 - Data Mining for Supply Chain Management

The BSBA in Digital Marketing and Analytics program is the only program at Shippensburg University that provides a business-administration foundation coupled with a focus on online marketing and marketing analytics.

All BSBA students learn the fundamentals of business, including principles of marketing, accounting, supply chain management, personnel management, finance, business strategy, and information systems. All Marketing majors learn the psychology behind consumer behavior and marketing research methods and practices. All Digital Marketing and Analytics majors learn best practices in digital marketing and social media marketing, as well as advanced marketing analytics techniques and practical applications for these emerging areas of marketing.

The BSBA in marketing management program prepares student to apply to positions in any area of marketing. Students in this BSBA major are especially prepared for careers as a market researcher, marketing manager, advertising manager, marketing strategist, project analyst, account manager, and etcetera.

The John L. Grove College of Business has a number of clubs for students to participate in and learn more about their area of study outside the classroom. Student Professional Organizations provide a variety of opportunities for students to develop professional contacts, enhance their course of study with hands-on application, and build lasting friendships within the business community. The Marketing Club, a local chapter of the American Marketing Association, provides opportunities for students to apply marketing ideas and concepts in planning, organizing, and executing club activities. The club also offers its members the chance to hear marketing practitioners' presentations about their individual firm's marketing strategies.