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The Curriculum and Instruction Mathematics Master's program was put into moratorium in 2016. If you have questions about this program, please email

Curriculum and Instruction Mathematics Cluster

A graduate program leading to the Master of Education degree with emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction is offered by the Teacher Education Department for fully certified elementary and secondary school teachers. This degree program requires a completion of 36 graduate semester hours.

The Program: The Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree program is intended to foster teacher growth through exploration of principles of theory and practice which enhance teaching. The program consists of a core of 18 credits which focus on four critical areas embedded in effective teaching: Curriculum and Assessment (3 credits); Effective Teaching and Leadership (6 credits); the Learner (6 credits); and Research (3 credits). An additional cluster of courses (18 credits) allows each student to tailor the program toward their teaching interests and/or situation. Clusters include: Early Childhood Education; Elementary Education; Middle Level Education; Secondary Biology; Secondary English; Secondary Geography/Earth Science; Secondary History; and Secondary Mathematics.

Admission: Admission into the program will be offered at three times during each academic year: October 1 (for students beginning study in the Spring semester), March 1 (for students beginning study in Summer sessions) and June 1 (for students beginning study in the Fall semester). To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a degree in education from an accredited college or university.
  • Have an undergraduate overall GPA of 2.75 or an approved score on the Miller Analogies Test.
  • Submit an application to our graduate school.
  • Provide transcripts of all undergraduate/graduate work.
  • Complete a questionnaire concerning teaching background and future goals.
  • Submit three letters of reference.
  • Appear for an interview with department faculty during which a program plan will be completed.

Courses in the Program

Focus on Curriculum & Assessment (3 credits)

ECH577 Early Childhood Curriculum & Assessment
TCH511 Elementary School Curriculum & Assessment
TCH524 Middle School Curriculum & Assessment
EDA512 Curriculum for the Modern Secondary School

Focus on Effective Teaching & Leadership (6 credits)

Effective Teaching (3 credits)
TCH501 Strategies for Effective Teaching
TCH502 Strategies for Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Leadership (3 credits)
ECH563 Supervision & Administration in Early Childhood Education
EDA592 General School Supervision

Focus on the Learner (6 credits)

Development (3 credits)
TCH575 Advanced Child Development
PSY527 Psychology of Adolescence

Individual Differences (3 credits)
ECH510 Including Young Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Education
EEC411 Introduction to Exceptionality
EDA569 Seminar: Diversity in Education
TCH475 Inclusive Education: A Practical Approach for Education

Focus on Research (3 credits)

TCH600 Elements of Research
BIO600 Elements of Research
ENG600 Elements of Research
GEO546 Geoenvironmental Research I
HIS600 Elements of Research
HIS602 Personal Computer in Historical Research & Writing
MAT600 Elements of Research

Secondary Mathematics Cluster (18 credits)

You can take AT MOST 6 credits from the 400-level.

MAT400 History of Mathematics
MAT410 Numerical Analysis
MAT413 Statistics II
MAT421 Number Theory and Cryptography
MAT425 Advanced Algebraic Structures
MAT430 Complex Analysis
MAT441 Real Analysis
MAT450 Combinatorics
MAT456 Deterministic Methods of Operations Research
MAT476 Probability
MAT486 Mathematical Statistics
MAT490 Selected Topics

MAT5XX Courses will only be offered during the summer sessions.

MAT516 Mathematical Modeling
MAT527 Number Theory Discovery
MAT528 Algebra for Teachers of Mathematics
MAT534 Geometrical Concepts
MAT538 Topics in Discrete Mathematics
MAT543 Concepts of Calculus
MAT551 Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
MAT552 Mathematical Discovery
MAT572 Probability for Middle and High School Teachers
MAT573 Statistics for Middle and High School Teachers Tentative
MAT594 Selected Topics in Mathematics

The goal of the graduate courses being offered in the Mathematics Department is to provide a balanced presentation of high-level mathematics content with applications to teaching in the secondary mathematics classroom. For more information about the Mathematics Cluster contact Kimberly Presser (, Kate McGivney ( or Tom Evitts (