Criminal Justice Student Research

Student Research 2014

We strongly encourage students to perform or assist with scholarly research.  In doing so, students are able to expand their educational experience by applying the techniques and theories learned in class to real world situations.  Not only does this help them better understand the material they learn in the classroom, but it also gives them a distinct advantage over others who are also entering fields in criminal justice.  Over the last few years, we have seen dozens of students either perform original research or assist faculty members with their research.

Graduate Student Research Projects

Ethan Pealer (2015), "Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole: A Content Analysis of a Substance Abuser's Personal Journal" presented at the Minds @ Work Conference, Shippensburg University (Dr. Billy Henson, Faculty Sponser)

Jon Gist (2011), “Risks of Property Victimization among College Students” presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) conference, Toronto, Canada (Dr. Laura Patterson, co-author)

Andrew Gladfelter (2011), "Perceived Risk and Fear of Crime on Campus: A GIS Approach" presented at American Society of Criminology (ASC) conference, Washington D.C. (Dr. Melissa Ricketts & Dr. Jan Smith, co-authors)

Undergraduate Student Research Projects

Brandon Duelley, 5:00 p.m., @ CUB Orndorff Theater, "Police Discretion in Low- and High-Crime Areas" (Dr. Britt Patterson, Faculty Sponsor)

Samuel Benson (2015), “Environmental Crime in the United States: An Inquiry into Thirty Years of Prosecution” (Dr. Cynthia Koller & Dr. Billy Henson, Faculty Sponsors)

Meghan Kozlowski (2014), “Identifying Inmates in Crisis: An Examination of Content, Policy, and Effectiveness of Suicide Risk Screens in Correctional Facilities” (Dr. Michele Bratina, Faculty Sponsor)

Samuel Benson (2014), “An Insight into Violent White Collar Crime” (Dr. Cynthia Koller, Faculty Sponsor)

Quentin Boyden (2014), “Offenders of Embezzlement and the Criminal Justice System’s Response” (Dr. Cynthia Koller, Faculty Sponsor)

Joseph DeCastro (2014), “Cutting Costs and Lives Short” (Dr. Cynthia Koller, Faculty Sponsor)

April Dixon (2014), “Electronic Monitoring: Does it have a Place in Community Corrections?” (Dr. Cynthia Koller, Faculty Sponsor)

Ashley Merton & Dominic Raguz (2014), “Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Treatment” (Dr. Cynthia Koller, Faculty Sponsor)