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CAEP Education Preparation Provider (EPP) Data


Excellence in educator preparation accreditation.


CAEP advances equity and excellence in educator preparation through evidence-based accreditation that assures quality and supports continuous improvement to strengthen P-12 student learning.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Continuous Improvement

EPPs will use evidence, based on CAEP Standards, to continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve their programs.

Goal 2: Quality Assurance

The CAEP accreditation process will be valid, consistent, transparent, and data-driven.

Goal 3: Credibility

CAEP will be respected as the arbiter of educator preparation program quality.

Goal 4: Equity

CAEP will ensure consistent request for evaluation of the principles of equity and diversity in its evaluation of programs.

Goal 5: Strong Foundation

CAEP will continuously monitor and improve internal policies, processes, and procedures to assure transparency, accountability, fiscal efficiency, and high quality service and support, to serve as a model of equity and attention to diversity. 

Contact the College of Education and Human Services Shippen Hall (352-360) 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1373 Fax: (717) 477-4012