Random Education ImagesStudent Payroll Positions

Student Payroll Positions (SPPs) are administered through the Graduate Dean's Office. Students in SPPs earn hourly wages at the current minimum wage rate but are not eligible for tuition waivers. Priority for hiring is given to graduate students, but unfilled positions will be available to undergraduate students near the beginning of the semester. All SPPs are listed on the Graduate Assistant page and are identified in the job title as "... SPP." Appointments are awarded each semester on a competitive basis and without regard to financial need.


Students may be employed in 2 SPPs at the same time, or they may be employed in 1 GA position and 1 SPP at the same time. However, a graduate student may not hold 2 GA positions at the same time.

Students must be in good academic standing. Graduate students must be enrolled, full-time or part-time for the academic year. Undergraduate students must be enrolled full-time for the academic year. Summer enrollment is not necessary. Students must be enrolled during the previous spring or scheduled for the upcoming fall.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Dean's Office at (717) 477-1148 or studentemployment@ship.edu.