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Graduate Student Financial Assistance

Graduate students are eligible for work-study and graduate assistantship financial aid programs in addition to, or in replacement of, student loans. These positions are awarded on a competitive basis. For more information, contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 717-477-1213 or You can also contact The Graduate School at 717-477-1148 or

A variety of financial aid options are available for graduate students.

Shippensburg University's tuition and fees are set by the State System of Higher Education's Board of Governors and/or Shippensburg University's Council of Trustees.

Graduate departments generally do not enter their student assistant tuition waivers into the University's student information system (Banner) until after financial aid already packaged the student's financial aid offers.  This often results in a significant reduction of the student's federal loan eligibility, and either a reduction of the the student's fall and/or spring loans, or requires immediate student repayment of some of the disbursed funds, or both.

Please note our financial aid awarding process DOES NOT assume that graduate or professional students who were awarded assistantship tuition waivers the prior SEMESTER OR aid year will continue to receive the waivers the following SEMESTER OR aid year. About Graduate Assistantships.

Employer Reimbursement requires a completion of this form if you will be receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer at the end of the semester. All other semester fees are due and payable on the billing deadline date.

Student Payroll Positions are offered through the School of Graduate Studies. They do not provide a tuition waiver but they do allow you to work 250 hours per semester and 150 hours during the summer. Priority is given to graduate students, and the pay rate is $7.25 per hour.

Student Loans are available through the Financial Aid Office. Click here for more information.

Veterans' benefits are available for graduate students. Read more to find out if you qualify.

Residence Director positions are available through the Dean of Students Office. You would be responsible for the overall supervision of one residence hall and creating a community environment that assists undergraduates in meeting their social, academic, cultural, and personal goals. Find out more here.