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Advising & Mentorship

Advising:  As a graduate student, you will need to be proactive in reaching out to your advisor, which may be different from your experience with undergraduate advising. Though you do not need a PIN to schedule your classes, you should discuss the courses you plan to take each semester with your advisor. Your advisor’s guidance is important for making the best decisions in selecting courses, determining course sequences, finding internships, and providing guidance throughout your academic journey as a graduate student. If you don't know who your advisor is or you are struggling with some aspect of advising, reach out to your program coordinator or for help.

Mentorship:  Mentorships can help you navigate graduate school and improve your odds of academic success. Mentorship opportunities may be available in your program. Talk to your advisor or program coordinator to learn more. The Learning Specialists can also provide mentorship to students from any program. 

The Graduate Success Center is working on developing a university-wide graduate student peer mentorship program -- watch your Ship email account for more details in the academic year 2023-2024.