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Get Involved

Campus Organizations

  • Graduate Student Association (GSA):The GSA is the primary organization for graduate students at Shippensburg University. The mission of GSA is to promote engagement, connection, and advocacy amongst graduate students. The GSA helps organize monthly events and provides leadership opportunities for graduate students.
  • Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA):The MSA strives promote graduate student retention by providing a diverse and inclusive environment to help students succeed academically and socially. They organize events focused on developing leadership, equity, and social connections.  
  • Clubs & Organizations: Graduate students are welcome to participate in over 150 clubs and organizations 
  • Pride & Gender Equity (PAGE) Center: The PAGE Center aims to foster a safer, more inclusive educational environment for students and provides a focal point for all university community members who support the wellbeing of gender-based violence survivors, LGBTQ+ students, women, LGBTQ+ men, and agender students. 

Community Events

  • Ship First Fridays: This local, community led program provides a variety of recreational activities around Shippensburg Borough. Food trucks, beer gardens, live music, and art markets are featured on first Fridays from April through October, 4:30-8:00 PM. 
  • Public events calendar: Check out local community events on Shippensburg Events Calendar.

Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Ship serves organizes opportunities such as community meals, rail trail clean up, stream clean up, and other community services 
  • Pride & Gender Equity (PAGE) Center: The PAGE Center provides a variety of volunteer opportunities that include educational programming, specialized resources, celebrations of the communities’ achievements by and for students, and the pursuit of social justice.
  • Weekly services sites: This page houses volunteer opportunities for organizations affiliated with SU, including the Campus Farm where you can help plant and tend crops; Produce & Outreach where you can help provide fresh produces for Shippensburg area residents; the Historical Society where you can help create exhibits and archive historic resources, and Hound Packs which provides food for local youth experiencing food instability.  
  • Virtual Services Opportunities 
  • Other volunteer opportunities outside Ship