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2009 Middle States Accreditation 

Shippensburg University is constantly working to improve its programs, resources, and facilities in order to best serve its students, faculty, and staff. We view this process of making Shippensburg stronger as a continuous cycle.

Our mission statement guides us in the goals we set and the methods we take to attain those goals.

Assessment ensures that we are keeping our mission in mind and performing well.

Self study takes the strengths and weaknesses identified by assessment and makes them into a plan for future progress.

Accreditation is the process of submitting our self study to peer review to verify that we are reaching the goals stated in our mission statement and setting reasonable goals for the future. These new goals then create a revised mission, and the process begins again.

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Contact the Middle States Self Study Committee Co-chaired by Dr. Tracy Schoolcraft, Dr. José Ricardo, and Dr. Gretchen Pierce. Please direct all media inquiries to Dr. Tracy Schoolcraft: Phone: 717-477-1371