Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program provides an extended orientation to the roles and expectations of a Shippensburg student as well as determine college readiness.

All Summer Bridge students must attend Summer Orientation. The Summer Bridge Program is a four-week mandatory program. Students must participate in a variety of activities such as placement testing and information sessions, as well as complete various educational inventories.

All students will enroll in AEES 101, a course that will count for graduation credits, GPA, etc., which they must earn at least a "C" grade or better in this class in order to continue their enrollment into the fall semester.

Students selected to participate in this program can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • An extended orientation to college life.
  • A connection to the ASP faculty and staff.
  • Guidance in utilizing the electronic resources required by the university, such as: e-mail, D2L, and the Banner System.
  • An introduction to the general education curriculum and the journey to major selection.
  • Awareness of the university's academic policies and procedures.
  • Increase student's awareness of institutional resources.
  • An understanding of the ASP resources available throughout their college career

Summer Bridge FAQs

  • Are students required to be on campus on the weekend during the Summer Bridge Program?
    • The only weekend which is required for all students to be on campus is the first one should orientation fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Students are required to be on campus Monday through Friday throughout the entire Summer Bridge Program and are highly encouraged to remain on campus on weekends.
  • Which class is taken during this time?
    • Students will be enrolled in AEES 101: Introduction to Higher Education and a general education course. The course counts towards graduation credits (AEES 101 is an elective).
  • Is there any other activities or programs required in addition to the course ASP students are required to complete during the Summer Bridge program?
    • Yes. In addition to the class, ASP offers a comprehensive program that consists of group study, individual study skills and various other programmatic activities. Students have academic activities on campus from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday with an evening activity every night. These programmatic activities are mandatory and students must attend these in order to successfully complete the Summer Bridge Program. Other activities are also planned for students that are not mandatory. ASP academic coaches inform students of the activities that are not mandatory, but participation is encouraged.
  • Assuming the student attains the required grade in the course, will these credits earned be applied toward the required credits/classes for graduation?
    • The course count towards graduation credits.
  • Will the student have input in the fall 2022 schedule assuming they are successful in this program?
    • The ASP Office schedules the student’s fall courses for them based upon the student’s Placement Test scores, Exploratory Survey results, and their anticipated major. The fall schedule is created in June; however, the student will have the opportunity to discuss their fall schedule with their academic advisor during the Summer Bridge Program in case any changes need to be made.
  • How does the student plan for the fall semester regarding housing/billing?
    • We have a pretty good Summer Bridge Program to Fall Semester matriculation rate (over 90% make it to the fall).Therefore, housing/billing moves forward for all the students for the fall like regularly admitted students.

      Cost of attending Summer Bridge Program