Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) From Prospective Graduate Students

Q. What are the requirements for admission?  

A. Shippensburg University takes a holistic approach to graduate admissions. While previous academic success is required, the Grad School also takes into account previous work experience, life experience, and your vision for how a graduate degree will help you personally prosper and serve your profession and community. Some degree programs do have minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) requirements, but please feel free to reach out and speak to a Graduate Coordinator if you have any questions about academic preparation for a specific graduate degree or program. For those applicants seeking doctoral degrees (Counseling, Educational Leadership), a personal interview is required.

Q. If I have questions about scheduling courses, or my grades, or degree candidacy, where can I get information? 

A. Graduate Coordinators are faculty members from each degree or certificate program charged with helping graduate students from matriculation to graduation. Contact information for Graduate Coordinators within specific departments can be found on the Graduate School Contact page.

Q. How will I pay for my graduate education?

A. Graduate students who are not full-time employees at Shippensburg University are eligible for a graduate assistantship, which pays for tuition and provides a stipend of $2,500 per semester in exchange for 250 hours of campus work. Once an applicant has been admitted and confirmed an intent to enroll, access is granted to search available graduate assistanships on campus. Graduate assistanships are not available for those pursing their doctoratal degree.

At the graduate level, full-time status is nine (9) credits or more per semester.  To be eligible for Federal loans, you must take a minimum of six (6) credits per semester. Taking one class (typically three (3) credits one course) per semester is considered less than part-time and is not eligible for Federal loans, but you will be eligible for loans through a private lender. For additional information, please review the Financial Aid Reference Page or contact the Office of Financial Aid

Q. Do you offer any degrees 100% online? 

A. The Grad School offers completely online the master's degrees in: Applied Psychology (M.S.), Business Administration (MBA), Communication Studies (M.A.), Criminal Justice (M.S.), and a master of arts degree in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) (cohort model). Some graduate programs are completely face-to-face and other degree options include hybrid options - a mixture of online and face-to-face course delivery. For certificate and workforce development and advancement options, please check with the Office of Professional, Continuing and Distance Education.

Q. Is there on campus housing for graduate students? 

A. On campus housing is available to graduate students during the academic year and summer in Mowrey Hall. Housing is available for the year or per semester. On-camous housing costs $1,800 per semester, but students may take advantage of employment on campus that can help to cover the cost of housing. Contact the Housing Office at or (717) 477-1701 for more information.

Q. How many credits may I transfer to my graduate degree at Shippensburg?

A. We will accept a maximum of nine (9) transfer credits with grades of "B" or better from an accredited university. More information about transfer credit can be found on the Transfer Info page.

Q. Can I do a dual master's degree at Ship?

A. It may be possible for you to complete two related master's degrees while enrolled at Shippensburg. Given that there are a number of competing factors in completing two advanced degrees, it is advisable to discuss your intent with a Graduate Admissions Counselor to help properly plan your educational trajectory at the Ship. Feel free to call us at (717) 477-1213.

Q. I am an International Student who is choosing Shippensburg University for a graduate degree. What do I need to know?

A. Please visit our Application Requirements for International Graduate Students page, or contact our Office of International Programs at (717) 477-1279 from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. (eastern standard time).

Q. What student support services do you offer?

A.  Shippensburg University remains committed to the educational, social, and emotional wellbeing of all members of the campus community. The following offices can help all students, undergraduate and graduate, navigate the Ship exoerience successfully.

The graduate catalog is available online at