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Avoiding Plagiarism

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism occurs when a writer does not cite the sources that they used. It is important to give credit to the resources you use when writing a paper. Naming your sources gives your paper credibility because it shows that you researched the topic appropriately, and it shows respect for the hard work of others. Click on this link to watch a short video by Indiana University which helps explain what plagiarism is.

When should sources be cited?

Sources should be cited whenever you are using someone else's work to inform you writing. The exception to this rule is when referring to general knowledge. This poster by the Perdue Online Writing Lab provides a visual explanation of when you should cite your source. 

Perdue when to cite

How to cite sources correctly

There are different methods used to cite sources. APA, MLA, and Chicago are three common styles. Each source should have an in-text citation and a full reference at the end. Please refer to style guides on how to cite your sources. You can use this tutorial to help you practice on recognizing how and when you need to cite your sources. 


Additional resources

The following resources can help you successfully cite your sources and avoid plagiarism.


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