Why Choose Ship? 


--The Raider Way: From first day to last, Ship has your back.

--Ship Happens, with so much to do on and around campus.

--A diverse campus community.

--Financial support.

--Resources that help you SUcceed.

--Track record of success, supporting you from Coursework to Career.

--More than 240 academic offerings.

--More than 150 clubs and organizations. 


The Raider Way: From first day to last, Ship has your back  

Welcome aboard your exciting journey at Shippensburg University. As you embark on your college path, we are ready to guide you through the many opportunities that Ship has to offer. 


Besides receiving your first-semester class schedule, orientation is where you learn your way around campus, find out about all the amazing features of life at Ship and make new friends. https://www.ship.edu/orientation/ 

First-Year Experience 

We know the first year of college can be particularly challenging, so we are providing you with additional skills, support and mentorship during that critical period of transition. https://www.ship.edu/fye/ 

First-Generation Students 

The Office for Students First serves first-generation students from recruitment to graduation. Our focus is to enhance the academic quality of life for all students who aspire to be the first in their families to obtain a four-year college degree. https://www.ship.edu/first-gen/ 

Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) 

We coordinate accommodations and services for students with documented disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008. We work with other departments and university students to lay the foundation of equal educational access to otherwise qualified individuals.  https://www.ship.edu/oar/ 


From suite rooms that suit your style to the more traditional housing options, we have it all. You can begin the Ship Experience with a freshman building or a Living Learning Community suite. Use our roommate matching software, MyCollegeRoomie, to look for roommates and select your suite within MyHousing portal. https://www.ship.edu/housing/ 

Exploratory Studies 

As an undergraduate student, you will have various choices to make regarding your academic journey. If you're an Exploratory Studies student, the Department of Academic Engagement & Exploratory Studies can help you understand your abilities, values, and interests and select the major that’s right for you. https://www.ship.edu/exploratory/ 

Honors College 

Whatever your background or academic interests, our Wood Honors College offers small classes, excellent teaching, and exciting research, study abroad, and service-learning opportunities. https://www.ship.edu/honors/ 


The Reserve Officer Training Corps is an academic program that helps you develop leadership skills; we also teach basic military skills. https://www.ship.edu/rotc/ 

Technology Services 

Our state-of-the-art technology resources and help services ensure you are always ahead of the curve. From computer labs to scientific equipment to online information systems, our team strives to maintain the functionality and quality of equipment and services. https://www.ship.edu/technology/ 

Commuter Services 

If you live off-campus, we provide many options to enrich your Ship experience.https://www.ship.edu/commute/ 

Transfer Students 

Whether you want to transfer to Shippensburg University from a community college or a four-year institution, we are here to make your transition as smooth as possible. https://www.ship.edu/transfer/ 


Ship Happens, with so much to do on and around campus 

There is so much to do on our campus. It’s the Raider Way to offer each and every one of you the necessary tools, amenities and resources required to make your Ship connection strong and secure. https://www.ship.edu/student_life/resources/ 

Come to the CUB 

The CUB is the hub at Ship! The CUB (Ceddia Union Building) is one of the many locations on campus where you can meet, attend programs and gather as a community. https://www.ship.edu/cub/ 

Ship Says No More 

We offer a safe and supportive environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors—and do not tolerate sexual misconduct within our community. https://www.ship.edu/no_more/ 

Student Government Association 

Student Government Association is the official governing body of all undergraduate students at Shippensburg University. https://ship.campusgroups.com/sga/about/

Veterans Services 

The Veterans Services Office offers a variety of programs and assistance-based services. We are part of the university's continuing efforts to support student veterans and centralize various support services.https://www.ship.edu/veterans/ 

Women's Center 

We are here to advance the equality and empowerment of woman-identified students, faculty and staff. https://www.ship.edu/womens_center/ 

Life at Ship 

Being a part of the Shippensburg University community is about so much more than academics. There are plenty of opportunities to discover something new and create lifelong relationships. Your goals and well-being will always be top of mind for the entire Ship family. https://www.ship.edu/student_life/

The Learning Center 

This is Ship’s primary academic resource center. We are here to help you develop skills and strategies that will enable you to become independent, active learners. So, whether you feel you need extra help or just want to extend your learning in a social environment, the Learning Center can help. https://www.ship.edu/learning/


We have 14 dining options that offer a wide range of cuisine, whether you’re looking to sit down for a meal or get it to go. We also keep food allergies in mind and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free choices. https://www.ship.edu/student_accounts/meal_plans/

Employment on Campus 

There are a variety of employment opportunities available across campus, including work-study positions and graduate assistantships. https://www.ship.edu/career/on_campus_student_employment/

Recreation and Activities

We offer plenty of choices for entertainment throughout the year, including concerts, movies, speakers, sporting events, trips and lots of other various activities. The calendar at Ship is always full and always has something new to offer. https://www.ship.edu/student_life/student_activities/ 

We encourage healthy and active lifestyles, social interaction outside of the classroom, development through open recreation activities, and involvement with intramural and club sport programming. https://www.ship.edu/recreation/ 


Find everything from textbooks to Ship gear and electronics, games as well as dorm room essentials, right here on campus.  https://www.bkstr.com/shippensburgstore/home 

Health and Wellness 

A healthy body and mind is essential for success at Ship. We offer health services for all students who have paid the comprehensive health fee, which is billed as part of your tuition and fees.  https://www.ship.edu/student_life/wellness/

Parents and Families 

You’re an important part of the success of our students. You care about your student's success, and so do we. https://www.ship.edu/parents/


We are located in an area with a low crime rate, but we’ve never been content with that fact alone. Our police force patrols campus around the clock to ensure safety for all. https://www.ship.edu/police/


A Diverse Campus Community 

It’s the Raider Way to be committed to a diverse and inclusive environment where we all thrive and prosper as a campus community. At Ship, there are a number of ways in which we support and welcome you all into our fold, irrespective of any biases.  https://www.ship.edu/student_life/diversity/

Pride Center 

This is the focal point in making the institution an inclusive and supportive environment for all university community members, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer students and their allies. We organize many events, movies, as well as sex education workshops throughout the year. https://www.ship.edu/Pride/

Multicultural Student Affairs 

At MSA, we strive to expose you to individuals and experiences that will help you grow, develop self-confidence, and gain assertiveness. Through a variety of programs, we address critical topics such as sexism, racism, sexuality, and religious preference. https://www.ship.edu/msa/


Financial Support 

The costs of higher education have skyrocketed in the last 35 years, especially at private colleges. While Shippensburg provides the private school experience at state school prices, many students still need financial assistance to attend college. 


At Shippensburg University, our mission is to make college accessible for all students, and one way we do that is through our scholarships.  Our Shippensburg University Foundation scholarships give students the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and our institutional scholarships provide additional support. https://www.ship.edu/financial_aid/scholarships/

Financial Aid 

We offer five types of aid to suit your individual needs: scholarships, federal and state grants, federal and alternative loans, work-study programs, and veterans' benefits. https://www.ship.edu/financial_aid/

Student Accounts 

Our office is responsible for the assessment and collection of your tuition and fees. We help you and your families navigate the payments, refunds, costs and much more.  https://www.ship.edu/student_accounts/


Resources that help you SUcceed 

Sometimes, you might need a little push or extra support to realize your dreams. It’s the Raider Way to ensure it’s all smooth sailing for you at all times.  

Academic Success Program (ASP) 

The Academic Success Program is geared to provide access and support to underprepared students who have the potential to succeed in higher education. We develop and maintain a comprehensive academic co-curricular support system to help you persist to graduation. https://www.ship.edu/asp/

Early Alert 

Our Early Alert program charts out a specific plan of action to help you if you are struggling to reach your goals, including referrals to additional campus resources. https://www.ship.edu/early_alert/


The Office of Academic Support for Student-Athletes provides a wide variety of academic and personal support services to aid and enhance the learning and development of all student-athletes at Ship. https://www.ship.edu/student_athletes/

Testing Center 

You can take a wide variety of academic and professional examinations in a comfortable, quiet and secure testing environment administered by a knowledgeable, courteous staff. Our Testing Center adheres to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines. https://www.ship.edu/testing/

Exploratory Studies 

If you do not declare a major at the time you are admitted, you will be enrolled as an exploratory student, and our office will serve as your academic home until you declare a major. http://www.ship.edu/exploratory/


Supporting you from Coursework to Career 

Looking ahead at all times, we help you choose the best options and actions to ensure our classrooms take you right into the perfect career.  

SHIP Career Connection 

SHIP Career Connection is a free, online job, internship and volunteer opportunity database that offers recruiting services for students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff. https://www.ship.edu/career/

Career, Mentoring, and Professional Development Center 

Do you want to know what major to choose, and what careers you can pursue with that major? Do you need help with your resume and cover letter? Are you looking for an internship? Want to understand job search strategies? Need career planning tips? The Career, Mentoring, and Professional Development Center has you covered in these areas and more. https://www.ship.edu/career/


We have a long history of connecting students with meaningful internships that launch careers. 

Alumni Job Shadowing 

The Alumni Relations Office can connect you to Ship alumni working in your field of interest for job shadowing opportunities. https://www.ship.edu/news/2020/01/student_job_shadow/

Professional Dress Closet 

Our goal is to help you make the best possible impression and feel confident during a professional meeting without having to worry about how to afford it. https://www.ship.edu/career/professional_dress_closet/ 


More than 240 academic offerings as diverse as our students 

Explore the wide range of programs our colleges offer—and find the ones best suited to your needs. You will find a variety of academic resources and support programs for undergraduate and graduate studies that help enrich Ship's commitment to your excellence. Many of our programs are nationally accredited and ranked, bringing you closer to your dream career after graduation. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

The College of Arts and Sciences focuses on shaping you into a valued professional through programs that combine academic curriculum with service learning and undergraduate research opportunities. You will receive a one-on-one, personalized education, and opportunities for multiple internships—all of which make you more ready than ever to join the challenges of an ever-evolving global workforce.https://www.ship.edu/cas/

College of Education and Human Services 

We offer an enriched pathway for service learning and field-based experiences that promote your well-rounded growth. Ship students typically enter the workforce within six months in a career of their area of study. We also have the only on-campus university public laboratory school in the state. Many of our programs are accredited; our degrees and major areas of study offer minors, certificates and licensure at the undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels.  https://www.ship.edu/coehs/

John L. Grove College of Business 

The John L. Grove College of Business is a premier, nationally ranked business school, and is AACSB accredited. Here you will find experiential learning at its best. You will be trained in an intensive curriculum in state-of-the-art classrooms, work with peers on challenging projects, and complete internships that make you ready for the exciting world of business and entrepreneurship. We have tremendous success in job placement — more than 90% of our students find a job within three months of graduation.  https://www.ship.edu/business/

Elnetta G. Jones University Center for Student Success and Exploratory Studies 

We place the spotlight on you and your unique needs and talents. It supplements and reinforces our commitment to serve a more diverse student population, cultivating a learning-centered environment where students persist to graduation.  https://www.ship.edu/exploratory/

School of Graduate Studies 

Since its establishment in 1961, the School of Graduate Studies has grown to offer a wide array of certificate, master’s, post-master’s and doctoral programs. Whether you are looking for a suitable graduate program in business, counseling, social work, education, professional leadership, humanities or the sciences—you will find your niche here. https://www.ship.edu/graduate/

Office of Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education 

We are your best choice as a working adult. If you are looking to learn something new and exciting, take supplemental courses to get that next job promotion, or to start/complete a degree—look no further than PCDE. You can take part in programs with online, evening and off-campus offerings. https://www.ship.edu/pcde/


More than 150 clubs and organizations 

If the over 150 clubs and organizations on campus don’t cut it for you, you can create your own. Ship has plenty of opportunities for community service, recreation, professional development, fraternity and sorority life, and much more. https://www.ship.edu/student_life/student_activities/

Fraternity and Sorority Life 

The fraternities and sororities at Shippensburg University are a diverse and unique community of over 500 students and 20 organizations. https://www.ship.edu/ofsl/

Chapters and Councils 

There are varied councils for you to choose from. Being a part of the community opens up opportunities for you to create lifetime connections, get involved in philanthropy and giving back to the community, take on leadership roles, and find support for academic success.  https://www.ship.edu/ofsl/chapters__councils/

Chartered Organizations 

There are a number of options for you to choose from here such as the: African American Organization (AFRO-AM), Asian American Organization (AAO), African Student Association (ASA), Harmonic Voices of Truth (HVT), Latino Student Organization (LSO) and Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA). https://www.ship.edu/msa/clubs/student_involvement/

Marching Band 

The "Red Raider" Marching Band is a corps-style marching band, which performs diverse styles of music while executing challenging, contemporary marching drill. https://www.ship.edu/music_theater/ensembles/marching_band/

Community Engagement and Service Learning 

We are committed to encouraging service learning and aiding our community through volunteerism. The Office of Community Engagement is responsible for facilitating volunteer placement and service learning projects on campus and in the community. https://www.ship.edu/community_engagement/

Activities Program Board 

We are a student-led organization that a variety of different entertaining, diverse and healthy alternative programs. We put on around 40 events per semester, including: Trivia Nights, Bingos, College Nights, Concerts, Homecoming Activities, Broadway Shows, Professional Sports Trips, and so much more. You will find a second family on campus, as well as leadership experience. Being in APB allows you to gain practical work experience and skills; including networking opportunities, marketing skills, finance skills, public speaking, time management, technology skills, professionalism, event planning, and resume building. https://ship.campusgroups.com/apb/home/ 

Interdisciplinary Arts 

Interdisciplinary Arts students have many opportunities outside the classroom to get involved on campus to boost their resumes and portfolios, pursue leadership opportunities and network while gaining hands-on experience. https://www.ship.edu/interdisciplinary_arts/get_involved/

Catholic Campus Ministry 

Join our Ministers to learn about their faith, grow in relationship with Jesus Christ, and have fun with friends! https://www.ship.edu/cathmin/