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Two Year Student Housing Requirement 

Entering first-year, transfer, or readmitted students having fewer than 60 (between 1-59) earned transfer undergraduate college level credits accepted by Shippensburg University by the first day of classes of the semester of enrollment are required to reside in university housing. All second-year students under 60 earned undergraduate college level credits are required to live on campus.

Exceptions to this policy include those first-year or second year students who reside full-time within the home of their parents or legal guardians within 35 miles of campus, those who are 21 years of age or older, and/or those who are legally married.

The annual housing agreement is for the full academic year (two semesters). If a student has not earned 60 undergraduate credits by the beginning of classes for their second fall semester, they are required to enter minimally into a full academic year (two semesters) housing agreement and fulfill all terms thereof to fulfill the two-year housing requirement.