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Be a Desk Assistant


What is a desk assistant?

Desk assistants are undergraduate students who work at the front desk of each residence hall. They are supervised by the building's residence director and work 1 pm - 7 pm seven days a week.  The desk assistants are responsible for checking resident IDs as they enter the building, signing-out the hall’s equipment, signing-in visitors, providing information to guests, and contributing to the overall community of the building.

Why should I apply to be a DA?

Are you looking for a fun and flexible job conveniently located on campus? Do you like working with people and customer service? This job might be for you!  

How do I apply?

Desk assistants are hired on a rolling basis as positions come open. Applications will be accepted when a position is open. Please check the Ship Career Connection website (found at for the Desk Assistant position to apply. References should be completed by someone who has supervised you or has seen you in a work place or leadership position. Applications will remain in the pool for one calendar year. When the year is up, if you have not been selected for a position you will be contacted and asked if you would like to resubmit to remain in the pool.

Have questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the DA Selection Committee at or speak with your Residence Director.