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 The Department of Recreation offers group fitness classes designed to provide participants with a variety of activity choices to meet all interests and fitness levels.

Classes will resume in the fall semester!



Come get your sweat on with this high energy spinning workout.  This class is designed to help you build endurance and strength through full body movements on a spin bike such as climbs, sprints, and choreographed directional.  Move to the best at your intensity level!


A 45-minute cycling class packed with choreography, interval training, and semi-weighted exercises. This cycling class is all about rhythm and riding to the beat of the music. Each class will contain a new, upbeat, playlist specifically catered towards certain intervals. There is also a mindfulness component added to each ride, connecting one’s body and mind to the bike.


Spinning simulates outdoor rides that targets all major muscle groups, including your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and core. Like boot camp, cardio classes, or other high-intensity interval training sessions, spin burns 100s of calories while having fun in a group atmosphere. The music is highly motivating incorporating various rides from flats to sprints to hill climbs . Each ride lasts 45 minutes to one hour that includes a warmup and cool down


A 30 minute ride with 30 minutes of muscle / strength conditioning workout that adopts a HIIT and a strength training style . It involves alternating periods of high and low intensity movements while using hand weights and bands to build lean muscle . During the workout , all major muscle groups are targeted.


Trampoline is an exciting twist to a cardio based workout class! We will be on individual trampolines doing a variety of different moves to improve strength and cardiovascular endurance.  

YOGA:  (Sponsored by New Day Yoga and Wellness, LLC.)

In just one hour you will stretch your muscles, build strength, find your balance, open your hips and enjoy some stillness. You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. This class follows the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga methodology and is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis.


Contact the Department of Recreation Rec Hotline (Facility & Program Schedules): 717-477-1561 Phone: 717-477-1755