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Workshops & Trainings

We offer a number of gender- and sexuality-focused presentations, including those below. Please email us to request a presenter at

Safe Zone Presentations

Safe Zone presentations provide an introductory-level opportunity to: 

  • Think about your own gender and sexuality
  • Gain an understanding of the distinctions between gender, gender signifiers, sexuality, and romantic orientation
  • To gain an awareness of heterosexism, cissexism, homophobia, and transphobia.
  • To introduce ways to dismantle the structures that oppress queer/trans communities
Consent and Healthy Relationships
  • Understand the fundamentals of asking for and giving consent
  • Learn how to integrate safer sex practices into a consensual relationship
  • What to do when consent is violated
  • Understand the value of healthy communication and conflict resolution

Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence

  • Introduction to the dynamics of power and control in an abusive relationship
  • How to spot red flags, and support healthy habits
  • The use of social media in stalking and abuse
  • How to seek help, and support friends

Gender and Body Image

  • Influence of media, including social media, on gender expectations
  • Dynamics of body image and eating disorders
  • Healthy messages
  • Supporting friends in unhealthy situations




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