New Student Information

Welcome to the Shippensburg University community! The Health Center staff works hard to provide students with the best medical treatment and consultations available. Our job is not only to help you when you are sick, but to help you to assume more responsibility for your own health care. For more information about services offered, please visit the Health Center's main page.

Complete All Required Health Forms

All new students must complete the following required health forms as part of Shippensburg University’s enrollment process:

  1. Student Health Portal (see link and instructions below)
    • Health History
    • Authorization for Release of Confidential Info
    • Immunizations
  2. Emergency Contact Information
  3. Meningitis Vaccine Information/Confirmation

These forms should be completed online using the Student Health Portal and immunization records mailed by August 1 to: Etter Health Center, Shippensburg University, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257-2299.

Prior to arriving on campus consider contacting your insurance provider to discuss your medical facility options while away at Shippensburg University.  This will allow you to know your options for insured specialty or emergency services in the area.

Release of Information 

A student's health information is confidential under federal law. If a student would like to release his or her health information to a medical facility, or request information from a medical facility, a release form must be signed by the student and a witness.

Student Release Form

If a student would like his or her parent to be able to discuss their health information with health center staff, a release of information form must be signed by the student before any information is released to the parent.

Parent/Guardian Release Form

Required Immunizations

All students are required to submit an official copy of their immunization record from either their healthcare providers office, school or their State Health Department.

All students are required to be immunized against pertussis (whooping cough), varicella (chickenpox), measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). Proof of immunization in the student's immunization record or laboratory titer proving immunity is required. If there is an outbreak of any of these diseases and you are not adequately immunized, you may be restricted from residing in campus housing and attending classes and campus events.

Flu shots and many other vaccines are available at the local pharmacies. The Health Center is available to guide and assist you to ensure that you receive recommended vaccinations. To be sure you have received all of the recommended vaccines for your age, visit

The meningitis vaccine or a signed waiver is required for all students living in the residence halls on campus.

All students are required to complete the tuberculosis screening questionnaire and if indicated, testing for tuberculosis prior to arrival on campus.