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Recovery Friendly Campus

Shippensburg University is committed to making our campus community a recovery friendly environment. We want to empower and support students in the process of recovery from addiction. The Connection AOD Program and its staff works to provide programs, opportunities, and support to empower and help students in recovery succeed and feel at home in our community.

  • Recovery Support Meetings
    • The “10:37 Meeting” is an AA meeting offered on campus every Friday night at 10:37 p.m.
  • Faculty/Staff/Student Recovery Committee
    • This group discusses topics and needs related to addiction and recovery while also assessing needs and developing programs, supports, and education on the topic.
  • Recovery Education and Trainings
    • Free trainings provided on addiction, recovery, and how to help Shippensburg University students who are in recovery. Faculty, staff, and students who complete the trainings can display “I Support Students in Recovery” stickers in order to increase visibility of recovery friendly allies and spaces at SU.
  • Events, Speakers, and Programming
    • The Connection AOD Program coordinates speakers on the topic of addiction and recovery. An alcohol-free tailgate is offered at homecoming.
  • Certified Recovery Specialist
    • The Connection AOD Program collaborates with the RASE Project to provide a Certified Recovery Specialist to SU students in support of their recovery.
  • Referral Resources
    • Outside resources are available. The Connection AOD Program can discuss these resources and refer to the appropriate support.
Contact the Connection AOD Program 210 Old Main (2nd Floor), 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1164 Fax: 717.477.4007