Paying or Clearing Your Bill (if no balance is due)

Paying Your Bill

The fastest way to pay your bill is online.

Electronic Payment Options

E-check: An electronic debit to your bank account. There is no charge for this service.

Credit card: MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa are accepted by our credit card payment vendor, Official Payments. A 2.49% non-refundable service fee is charged by Official Payments for this option. If you pay with a card, you will see two transactions on your credit card statement, one for the tuition/fee payment to Shippensburg University and the other for the 2.49% service fee to Official Payments. Depending on your bank, the service fee description on your credit card statement will be similar to “OPC COL*SERVICE FEE”.

A debit card will be processed as a credit card. If you would like to make payment directly from your bank account, you should choose the "Bank Account" option and pay with electronic check.

How to Pay Online

  • Login to myShip with your Ship email address and password
  • Go to Student
  • Choose Paying for College in the dropdown
  • Click on Account Information/Pay Now
  • Select the Term you want to view and click submit
  • This will take you to Account Detail for Term
  • Click on Pay Now
  • You will be directed to Official Payments, our credit card and E-check vendor, to make your payment.

Please Note: The Account Detail for Term deducts authorized financial aid from the overall balance due, including any prior balance. Actual financial aid for a term will not pay prior balances; therefore, all prior semester balances must be paid by you, or must be covered by that particular term's financial aid. Students will not be cleared for the current semester until all previous semester balances are paid.

How to Pay by Paper Check

If you wish to pay by paper check, print the online statement and mail it with your payment to Shippensburg University, Student Accounts Office, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257. Or pay in person at our office in Old Main Room 100. Credit cards cannot be accepted through the mail or in person.

How to Clear Your Bill by Accepting Your Charges (if no balance is due)

If you have a zero or credit balance on your bill as a result of authorized and memo’d financial aid, you must still confirm your attendance by clearing your bill and accepting your charges.

On Account Detail for Term if you have no balance in “Net Balance for Other Terms,” and the “Current Due Net of Authorized Financial Aid and Memos” at the bottom of the page shows a zero or credit balance, follow these instructions to clear your bill:

  • Login to myShip with your Ship email address and password.
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Choose Paying for College in the dropdown
  • In the My Account Informationsection, click on Clear My Bill
  • Click on **MANDATORY** Clear My (Semester/Term) Bill
  • Choose Clear me for (Semester/Term)
  • Click on Survey Complete to submit your response.

On Account Detail for Term for (Semester/Term) if you do have a balance in “Net Balance for Other Terms,” even if “Current Due Net of Authorized Financial Aid and Memos” at the bottom of the page shows a zero or credit balance, you will not have the ability to clear your bill yourself. You must contact the Student Accounts Office to clear the bill for you. In this case, however, all balances prior to the current semester must be paid before the account can be cleared.

If your authorized and memo’d financial aid does not completely cover your bill, you will not be permitted to clear your bill online and you must pay the amount not covered by aid. If you are expecting financial aid that you do not see as authorized on your bill, you should access your Financial Aid information in myShip to check the status of your aid. If you have any questions regarding your aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 717-477-1131 or If you have outside scholarships or other financial aid that are not displayed on your bill, print out a copy of the bill and mail it to Student Accounts with proof of the aid, and the Student Accounts Office will clear your bill. You must clear your bill by the due date to avoid the $100 late fee!