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Curriculum and Instruction, MEd

The Master of Education program with emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction is offered for fully certified elementary and secondary school teachers. Certification is an option in the early childhood cluster, middle level, and STEM fields. The program fosters teacher growth through exploration of principles of theory and practice that enhance teaching through research and technology.

What Will I Learn?

Today’s teachers inspire tomorrow’s leaders. Shippensburg’s Curriculum and Instruction Master's degree program creates an adaptive structure of support that gives confidence for experimentation and achievement. The program amplifies teaching and learning through exploration of theoretical principles and practical applications.

100% online

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have?

Ship is an excellent place to study to become a teacher because of the opportunities to:

  • Observe classes in elementary, secondary and community college settings
  • Observe physically challenged and exceptional learners
  • Take part in student teaching
  • Participate in student groups that complement the academic experience
  • Receive personalized attention and advisement from experienced professors

There are also opportunities unique to Ship through:

  • Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School – The school provides a unique opportunity to observe and participate in elementary school activities and classroom teaching experiences with children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Ship is the only university in Pennsylvania with an on-campus public elementary lab school.
  • Bartos Child and Family Center – The center is adjacent to the lab school provides opportunities to observe and work with children ages one through five.
  • Head Start – This program on campus provides more opportunities for observations and to work with children.

There are also plenty of opportunities to conduct and present research during your time at Shippensburg University.

Jena Peters

Meet Jena Peters

“The professors understand that teachers are teaching during the day and doing graduate school as well. They understand we are changing the world and trying to improve our own. It’s hard but feasible and they work with you.”

How Jena Found Success at Ship

What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

The ever-evolving field of curriculum and instruction needs qualified professionals educated in the best way to educate students and increase student achievement due to how quickly the world is changing. This program will help you learn the skills to enhance your current teaching position or move into administrative or leadership positions.


Degree Requirements (30 crs.)

Core Requirement (12 crs.)

Focus on Curriculum & Assessment (3 crs.)

  • TCH 511 - Framework for Teaching and Learning Credits: 3
  • TCH 501 - Instructional Strategies Credits: 3
  • RDG 537 - Brain Based Strategies for Literacy Learners Experiencing Difficulties Credits: 3

Focus on Effective Teaching (3 crs.)

  • TCH 502 - Strategies for Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Credits: 3
  • TCH 505 - Designing Blended and Online Learning Environments Credits: 3

Focus on Learner (3 crs.)

  • TCH 575 - Advanced Child Development Credits: 3
  • ECH 520 - Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Credits: 3
  • ECH 530 - Cognitive and Language Development in Early Childhood Education Credits: 3
  • ECH 540 - Families and Early Childhood Education Credits: 3

Focus on Research (3 crs.)

  • TCH 600 - Elements of Research Credits: 3
  • TCH 609 - Research Informed Practices Credits: 3
  • RDG 527 - Inquiry Approaches to Literacy Credits: 3

Interdisciplinary Focus Electives (12 crs.)

Select 12 credits from the interdisciplinary focus areas:

Focus on Leadership:

  • TCH 581 - Leadership at the Classroom, Teaching, and School Level Credits: 3
  • ECH 563 - Leadership in Early Childhood Education Credits: 3
  • RDG 535 - Seminar in Literacy, Language, and Reading Credits: 3

Focus on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion:

  • TCH 445 - Strategies for Effective Classroom Management Credits: 3
  • ECH 510 - Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Education Credits: 3
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