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Ethnic Studies Minor

The ethnic studies minor is a great complement to any major because all fields of work benefit from awareness about race, ethnicity and related issues.

What Will I Learn?

This interdisciplinary minor focuses on the history, culture and contributions of different cultures and ethnic groups in the United States. Through an appreciation of other people's ethnic and cultural backgrounds, you can gain an understanding of the multiple realities of our complex and diverse society.

There are three core courses in the program:

  • ETH 100 - Introduction to Ethnic Studies: This course introduces perspectives about ethnic realities in America.
  • ETH 101 - Introduction to African American Studies: This course provides an interdisciplinary overview of the various perspectives that have impacted African-American life and culture.
  • ETH 102 - Introduction to Latino Studies: This course provides an understanding of the Hispanic presence in the United States through an interdisciplinary approach.

You have many elective courses to choose from offered by various departments on campus, allowing you to pursue your own interests. Additionally, you may complete a for-credit internship to gain experience outside of class.

What are the requirements for this degree?

The ethnic studies minor requires a minimum of 18 credits. You must complete three core courses and complete the additional nine credits required from a menu of courses from various academic departments as long as six of nine credits are upper level (300/400) courses.

You must attain a 2.0 minimum GPA for the courses in the minor and you must first declare a major before declaring a minor.


What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

This minor enhances employment opportunities in professional areas such as:

  • Business (human resources, advertising, marketing)
  • Civil service, law and law enforcement
  • Government (immigration, policymaking, public service)
  • Education
  • Communication/journalism and public relations
  • Social work
  • Counseling
  • Health services

Anyone in these areas can benefit from learning about the composition of the society they serve, the individuals and cultures that compose our nation, and the needs, history and expectations of those people.

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have?

You can put theories about multiculturalism into practice by getting involved in the numerous activities offered and sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Compliance. The program also works with other departments and interdisciplinary programs on campus to organize events and activities. In addition to this, the program participates in the activities organized by students from the Latino Student Organization and other clubs and groups on campus that enhance the awareness of different cultures in order to promote diversity.

Contact the Ethnic Studies Program Horton Hall 103, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1478