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Online Instruction, Learning, and Technology Certificate

Shippensburg University's Online Instruction, Learning, and Technology Certificate program is fully online and suits anyone in any field. It helps you design, develop and deliver online programs and become an engaging online instructor.

What Will I Learn?

You will receive a strong foundational knowledge of best practices, instructional and assessment strategies and practical applications in online learning environments. During the capstone, you will develop an online course that includes an instructor welcome, syllabus and modules. Some of the other strengths of the program include your ability to:


  • Describe and explain the different types of platforms for online and blended learning
  • Explain the pros and cons to online instruction for varying age levels and content areas
  • Explain when and why a course could/should be offered as an online option
  • Analyze the ways technology assists instructors and learners for interaction and online collaborative learning
  • Investigate different types of platforms for online learning and evaluate the pros and cons of each type
  • Consider the transition of traditional instructional environment tasks to an online environment
  • Explore strategies for assisting learners as they adapt to an online learning environment
  • Explain ways to develop and create a social presence for instructors and participants
  • Analyze the learning context of a lesson
  • Create a needs analysis

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have?

This fully online program has accelerated eight-week courses that allow for individualized focus on the content designed. You will progress through the courses that build on one another as you develop the skills necessary to design, build and deliver online instruction as well as assess participants in the process.

What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

The use of online learning is growing rapidly in fields such as K-12 and higher education, but it's also growing in human resources and corporate training. This program benefits anyone tasked with the need to develop in-house training programs for business, industry and governmental fields. Some specific careers that are available are:

  • Professional learning developer
  • Educator
  • HR personnel

Contact the Teacher Education Department Shippen Hall 214 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1688 Fax: (717) 477-4046