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Sociology, BA

Sociology (BA) is the scientific study of human society and social life. The discipline studies the social causes and consequences of human behavior. In more practical language, sociology concerns itself with the institutional patterns of social life and social issues. By being aware of the social environment in which humans interact with each other, the study of sociology will develop an awareness of how social forces influence behavior and how humans, through their collective action, respond to social issues and social change.

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What Will I Learn?

This program places an emphasis on developing writing and analytical thinking skills through classroom assignments, extracurricular experiences and internships. In addition, students develop critical research and analytical skills as applied to various aspects of human society, including racial, ethnic, religious, gender and socio-economic diversity.

Theresa Ward wearing a Ship Happens shirt

Meet Theresa Ward

“The professors in the sociology program really look out for the students within the major and really want for you to succeed.”

How Theresa Found Success at Ship

What are the requirements for this degree?

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree program requires 36 credits of sociology courses, which includes a core of seven required courses and five electives. Students must take:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Society and Diversity
  • Social Inequality
  • Elements of Social Research
  • Internship
  • Sociological Theory
  • Senior Seminar


Many students in this major find minors in disability studies, anthropology, political science, psychology, ethnic studies, women's and gender studies and business, all of which are good complements to studying sociology.

What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

Shippensburg University Sociology alumni are employed in a diverse set of occupations including:

  • Social services (case manager, program specialist, counselor)
  • Education (therapeutic support staff, counselor)
  • Criminal Justice (parole officer, probation officer)
  • Research (analyst, data entry)
  • Business (analysts, small business owner, recruiter, administrative assistant)
  • Public sector jobs (enforcement officer, transportation, planning specialist)
  • Policy and community organization (policy analyst, nonprofit administrator)

What Career Outcomes Do Alumni Have With This Degree?

A list of of the top job titles for Sociology alumni
The estimated salary for Sociology alumni

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have?

All sociology majors participate in an internship that provides occupation experience and social networking. Outside of class, the Sociology and Anthropology Club sponsors field trips, films, and other social events. Sociology students with high academic achievement are invited to join Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the academic honor society for sociology majors.