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Theatre Minor

The Theatre Minor at Shippensburg University enables you to gain a general knowledge of acting and theatre history as well as performance and/or production experience.

What Will I Learn?

Students who choose to participate in theatre at Shippensburg University will gain lifelong enrichment experiences in the arts and learn how the performing arts can complement their major. The collaborative nature of theatrical work provides you with important life skills applicable to all careers. The dynamics of working within a group, the importance of commitment and dedication to a task, and the discipline and rewards of hard work are lessons the theatre teaches in a very practical way.


What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

Our theatre minors are a diverse group of individuals. Some stay with the applied arts and work in professional theatre, while some move into their local, community theatre. Theatre training provides employment in technical theatre. Several of our alums work in educational theatre or as educators in professional, theatre organizations. Some have found that theatre training enables them to transition well into management and administrative positions.

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have?

Shippensburg University currently has two extracurricular theatre clubs that are entirely student directed, Game On Improv, which is a student improvisational troupe, and Act V, which runs a yearly musical and several smaller productions over the academic year. The Children’s Theatre is an academic theatre experience that runs every semester and works with our elementary school students at the lab school on campus. A theatre practicum production runs every four semesters and is the culminating project for students who have gone through the performance track of classes in our theatre minor. The minor also enables students to pursue employment and internship experiences that relate to theatre, both on and off campus.

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