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For Concerned Student, Parents, Faculty, and Staff

The counseling center faculty at UCC recognize that concerned peers, family members, faculty, staff, and administrators can play a vital role in helping students find appropriate assistance if troubles arise. We are available to provide consultation, either by phone or appointment, in order to assist you in effectively responding to distressed students. Persons who are concerned about a student are urged to contact the University Counseling Center for consultation.

For Concerned Students

Helping a Friend In Trouble
We provide services to students concerned about someone else: a friend, a team member, a sorority sister, or fraternity brother. The friend or acquaintance may be in crisis or struggling with an ongoing issue like a drinking problem, eating disorder, depression, or other personal concern. You may have noticed that your friend is not "bouncing back" like you would typically expect and you are concerned. Whatever the issue, we would work with you to be helpful to your friend while taking care of yourself. Often this involves figuring out how to stay in your role (as friend, team member, etc.) and not take on some other role like "parent" or "therapist." We would also discuss strategies for helping your friend seek professional help if the problem warranted it. Often a friend's feedback and concern is the critical factor in helping a student seek services. We will meet jointly with you and your friend if that would be helpful. Many times it is helpful to have a "sounding board" to go over the options and next steps.

Please call the University Counseling Center if you would like assistance helping a friend. Depending upon the urgency of your situation, you will be able to consult with a counselor or arrange a meeting to go over options to effectively respond to your situation. If you live on campus, please contact your Resident Assistant or Graduate Resident Director.

Services for RA's, Team Captains, or Student Leaders
Like friends of a student in distress, we often will provide consultation to RAs or student leaders concerned about a particular student. This usually occurs after the RA has discussed the situation with the Graduate Residence Hall Director, Advisor, or Coach. Our consultation efforts usually center on helping the RA/student leader get the student additional professional help and dealing with the group or hall issues generated by the problem. Ideally, we can work collaboratively with Graduate Residence Hall Directors, Coaches, or other Student Affairs professionals in addressing the particular concern. If needed, we can arrange consultations with entire halls, floors, teams, clubs, or organizations to help address serious group issues for example, the death of a student or severely disruptive behavior (such as suicide threats or out of control behavior). Call the University Counseling Center and request consultation services and we will be happy to provide assistance with your particular needs.

For Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Sometimes students are thwarted in their academic agenda by family or personal problems, academic difficulties or career concerns. It is the role of the University Counseling Center to professionally assist these students in order that they may function as fully as possible and successfully complete their academic pursuits. Any faculty, staff, or administrator may make a referral to the University Counseling Center. Please call 717-477-1481 to speak with a counselor.

For Parents, Family Members, and Loved Ones

We realize that it can be painful, trying and quite difficult to support a distressed son or daughter or a special loved one while they are in college. There are all sorts of constraints and special circumstances which impact your role in providing support. Please feel free to call the University Counseling Center at 717-477-1481 and ask to speak with a counselor. In addition to professional consultation and support, UCC counselors will also assist you in identifying appropriate campus and community resources in support of your concern. In addition, contact the Dean of Students Office at 717-477-1164 for additional assistance.

Other Useful Links
Contact the University Counseling Center Wellness Center, Naugle Hall - Ground Floor 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg, PA  17257 Phone: 717-477-1481 Fax: (717)-477-4041
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm, For After-Hours Emergencies call Campus Police at 717-477-1444