GEC Membership 2018-2019 AY

The membership of the GEC includes representatives from each academic department from each of the three colleges on campus. It is the largest council on campus. Below, find the current structure and composition of the GEC, including its standing and ad hoc committees.

Faculty Co-Chair Kirk Moll      
Dean, Arts & Sciences/Co-Chair Jim Mike      
Dean, College of Business/Co-Chair John Kooti      
Dean, College of Education & Human Services Nicole Hill      
Secretary Wendy Kubasko      
Representative to UCC Scott Drzyzga      
Arts and Sciences
Department Member Alternate    
Art and Design Ben Culbertson William Whiteley    
Biology Sherri Bergsten Theo Light    
Chemistry and Biochemistry Tom Frielle Allison Predecki    
Civil and Mechanical Engineering Tom Briggs      
Communications/Journalism Carrie Sipes Michael Drager    
Computer Science Dudley Girard Sangkook Lee    
Computer, Electrical, and Software Engineering Chen Huo Sangkook Lee    
Economics Andrew Vassallo David Kalist    
English Laurie Cella Shannon Mortimore-Smith    
Geography/Earth Science Scott Drzyzga Alison Feeney    
Global Languages and Cultures Rob Lesman Blandine Mitaut    
History/Philosophy Brian Ulrich David Godshalk    
Human Communication Studies Amy May Matthew Ramsey    
Mathematics Debbie Gochenaur Lance Bryant    
Music and Theater Arts Margaret Lucia Paris Peet    
Physics Kathryn Shirk Brad Armen    
Political Science Michael Greenberg Sara Grove    
Psychology Steve Haase Sue Morin    
Sociology/Anthropology Karl Lorenz Lawrence Eppard    
John L. Grove College of Business
Department Member Alternate    
Accounting and MIS Brian Wentz Viet Dao    
Finance and Supply Chain Mgmt Suyan Zheng Thomas Morgan    
Managing and Marketing Jerry Carbo Nathan Goates    
College of Education and Human Services
Department Member Alternate    
Criminal Justice Carlos Rojas Arelys Madero    
Ed. Leadership & Special Ed. Wendy Kubasko Jacquelyn Chovanes    
Exercise Science Sam Forlenza Ben Meyer    
Social Work & Gerontology Jen Clements Sam Benbow    
Teacher Education Han Liu      
Other Representatives
Department Member Alternate    
Department of Academic Engagement and Exploratory Studies Karen Johnson Chad Bennett    
Library Josefine Smith Christy Fic    
APSCUF Representative Steve Burg      
General Education Council Committees
Assessment Committee
Chair(s) Dudley Girard      
Secretary Rob Lesman      
Other Members Lance Bryant Debbie Gochenaur    
  Steve Haase Samuel Forlenza    
Budget Committee
Chair Carrie Sipes      
Secretary Carlos Rojas      
Other Members Jerry Carbo Chen Huo    
  Andrew Vassallo      
First Year Experience
Chair(s) Steve Burg Laurie Cella    
Secretary Josefine Smith      
Other Members Thomas Frielle Karen Johnson    
  Wendy Kubasko Amy May    
Program Committee
Chair Sherri Bergsten      
Secretary Brian Ulrich      
Other Members Jen Clements Michael Greenberg    
  Margaret Lucia Kate Shirk    
  Brian Wentz Ben Culbertson