GEC Grants Program

This grant funds projects and events that advance the objectives of the General Education program.  Two types of projects are funded by this grant program.  The first supports projects and excursions directly related to a faculty member’s general education sections (i.e., trips to Washington, D.C., etc.).  The second are those projects, programs, and/or events which benefit the general education program or students within a discipline and/or the community at large (i.e., performances that General Educations students in a Department are required to attend, events where the work of General Education students are featured, and so forth.)  As of Spring 2012, this grant can now support ‘continuing’ projects! 


If you are interested in applying, then please download and submit a completed application form (doc, pdf). 

Goals and Objectives

As part of the grant application process, you will be asked to demonstrate how the project to be funded will advance the goals of the relevant part of general education.  You can find these goals and objectives here:

Current Gen Ed Program

Previous Gen Ed Program