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Online Instruction-100

Online Instruction-100 (OLI-100) is a course that teaches you the basics of teaching online. Faculty planning to teach online at Shippensburg University for the first time should register now for the fall session. Enrollment is open now and you have until you teach your class to complete it at your own pace.

About OLI-100
This totally online course provides instructors with

  • instructional strategies for online classes,
  • national quality standards for online classes,
  • instructions for using various Brightspace tools,
  • a student’s perspective.

You will read pedagogical articles that take what you know about teaching already and apply it to online classes. Also, you will be guided through tutorials which will help you build the start of your online class. It consists of seven modules within Brightspace. In order to complete the activities and course development exercises, you will find it easier to have a course you are scheduled (or planning) to teach online within the next year.

Successful completion of this course satisfies Article 42 C.2. of the statewide APSCUF collective bargaining agreement. Faculty who have not previously taught an online course (80% or more online) at Ship must complete OLI-100; this includes faculty who have taught online at other universities. Likewise, if you already took training for online classes you may find it helpful to take OLI-100 simply as a refresher.

To register or with questions, contact Ryan or Scott in Instructional Design at or call x1816.