Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty

On this page, you will find a list of PD Opportunities. This page is updated on an ongoing basis so be sure to come back regularly.

Please email Ryan and Scott at if you have an opportunity you would like to add to this list.

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Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education (PCDE)

Recommended Readings:

Inside Higher Ed’s 2019 Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology: A Study by Inside Higher Ed and Gallup

Click Here for PDF Version  (will require them to sign up with contact information.  It is also attached if that is easier)



Instructional Design (ID)

Welcome back!

ID would like to welcome everyone back and wish you all a wonderful semester! Please find our updated contact and office hours information below along with additional important announcements/information.  As always, we look forward to working with you this semester!

Office Hours for Fall 2019

Monday - Friday:  8:00 - 4:30 pm.  The office will be closed during Lunch hours from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

Contact Information


Phone:  717-477-1816

Update To D2L Brightspace Default Navbar

The default course navbar has been updated to reflect the feedback we got regarding the changes last school year.  Multiple tool buttons have once again been added to the default layout in order to make it easier for both students and faculty to locate these tools.  You'll now see both Assignments and Discussions on the navbar by default and a new button called "More Tools" which contains a variety of links including Quizzes, Class Progress, Awards, Groups, Checklist, and Email.

Updated Default Course NavBar

We continue to recommend the usage of Quick links in the content area to your assignments, discussions, and quizzes.  This will provide the students with a clear path while in the content area to what they need to do and will make it easier for them to navigate the course content.  However, students will now be able to access these tools via the buttons shown above and see all of their assignments, discussions, and quizzes.

Guide to Adding Quicklinks:  This guide will show you how to add Quicklinks to your content area.  It highlights this process using Assignments but the process is the same regardless of the tool you're linking to.  You would simply choose another tool instead of Assignments in step 4.


The university saw a wide adoption of Zoom over the course of last year and we are excited to see more this year.  If you have not used Zoom before and would like to learn more about it than take a look at the information below.

With Zoom, it's easy to:

  • Conduct simple online HD video and audio sessions with students, other faculty, or anyone with a computer
  • Run on-the-fly or scheduled presentations
  • Hold virtual office hours
  • Project a guest speaker in the classroom
  • Perform live demonstrations in real-time
  • Collaborate on documents with your colleagues or external partners
  • Share your screen
  • Use a virtual whiteboard
  • Chat with your students
  • and more!

Check out more info on Zoom

Until then, you can learn more about Zoom by going to Zoom’s support page here or IDWT's support page here  or diving into the sections below: 

These sites provide easy access to product information, short video tutorials, and user guides. 

If you have any questions, please contact Scott in Instructional Design | 717-477-1816 |

Online Instruction-100

Are you planning to teach online within the next few semesters?

Online Instruction-100 (OLI-100) is a course that teaches you the basics of teaching online. Faculty planning to teach online at Shippensburg University for the first time can register at any time and you have until you teach your class to complete it at your own pace.

About OLI-100

This totally online course provides instructors with

  • instructional strategies for online classes,
  • national quality standards for online classes,
  • instructions for using various Brightspace tools,
  • a student’s perspective.

Contact Scott in IDWT to register.

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Off-Campus Conferences & Workshops 

Quality Matters

Quality matters also host many online courses related to online and blended courses. You can see a complete list here.

5th Annual Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate

When: March 31 - April 3, 2020

Description: At OLC Innovate, we will conduct a series of engaging hands-on sessions aimed at fostering organic interactions and collaborative cross-disciplinary problem-solving. Together we will build new foundations for stronger, better higher education environments. And because innovation scales best when ideas are shared, our work sessions will explore digital technologies and adapted teaching behaviors aimed at informing policy, inspiring leadership, and evolving practice at all levels impacting institutions, universities, and colleges.

Location: Chicago, IL

Follow this link to learn more and register.

Call for Presentations for the UPCEA Annual Conference

When: March 18-20, 2020

Location: Boston, MA


It’s 2020, are you where you want to be? Remember those articles from just a few years ago that predicted what higher education would look like in 2020? Well, for all intents and purposes, we have arrived, and the only thing we know for certain is that change is constant. The nature of students is changing. The nature of work is changing. The way we teach and learn is changing. Technology both unites and divides us. Society itself is changing at an unprecedented rate. It’s hard to predict what effect these changes will have beyond our metaphorical ivy-covered walls.

Be innovative. Do it better, faster and cheaper, with fewer people. Educate an evolving workforce for challenges we don’t even know exist yet. As professional, continuing and online educators, these are our daily directives. It’s imperative that as this new decade unfolds, we work together more effectively, share insights more broadly, and face our challenges more cohesively. In turn, we will be better able to serve our ever-evolving students with relevant knowledge that enables them to make a difference in their lives and in the world around them. No matter the size or type of our institution, we must step up and into our roles as leaders of innovation.

Deadline for Presentation Submissions: November 11th, 2019

Follow this link for more information and Registration

Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate

When: November 19-22, 2019

Description: OLC Accelerate emphasizes research and networking and provides a comprehensive list of sessions and activities to appeal to your particular area of interest. Our curation of conference tracks and exhibits promises a cross-section of timely eLearning topics, offering something for everyone involved in providing the highest quality educational experiences in 2019.

We chose the name OLC Accelerate for this annual conference because it is devoted to driving quality online learning, advancing best practice guidance and accelerating innovation in learning for academic leaders, educators, administrators, digital learning professionals and organizations around the world.

As always, this international conference promises outstanding keynote speakers, expanded programs, and engaging workshops. Our ever-popular Technology Test Kitchen and Discovery sessions will once again deliver the opportunity to interact with experts in new and emerging online and digital learning technologies and topics, reinforcing why educators worldwide affirm that OLC Accelerate is the premier conference for online learning professionals.

Location: Orlando, FL

Follow this link to learn more and register.


When: Feb 18-21st, 2020

Location: National Harbor, MD

Description: The future of America requires strengthening our communities by relentlessly addressing systemic inequities within higher education to increase social and economic mobility for all students and families.  Join us to identify and address issues that are critical to achieving success for all students.

Follow this link to learn more and register.

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Upcoming Webinars

D2L Webinars

D2L Logo D2L is continually hosting webinars and has been for years. You can visit D2L's website to view upcoming and past webinars. Some topics include widgets, using video effectively, customizing lesson plans, using D2L to gamify, and many, many more.  We have included a few recommended webinars below.

Reimagining the Education System

Victoria University saw an opportunity to reshape the education system and promote the importance of active, collaborative and engaged learning by implementing the block model – whereby students learn four units over two 13-week semesters – teaching the students in short bursts, focusing on one unit over four weeks before moving onto the next.

When:  November 12th, 2019 at 2:00 PM.

Click Here For More Information and to Register

Faculty as eLearning Students: A Case Study of an eLearning Facilitation Workshop

The UCO eLearning Facilitation Workshop focuses on three issues some instructors find challenging: using Brightspace, the unique nature of eLearning and creating accessible content. In this session, we will exhibit the workshop and discuss the challenge of preparing instructors for eLearning.

When:  November 12th, 2019 at 3:00 PM.

Click Here For More Information and to Register

Ten Myths about Accessibility of Online Courses

​Improving the accessibility of online learning is a passion that runs deep at D2L. That’s also true for the many organizations that use Brightspace to provide learning opportunities to students and employees. There is a great deal of good advice out there related to improving the web accessibility of online courses, but there are many misconceptions too. We’ll examine some of these myths and provide some different perspectives for you to consider.

When:  November 19th, 2019 at 3:00 PM.

Click Here For More Information and to Register

Recorded D2L Webinars

Using Tools To Personalize your Brightspace (D2L) Experience

Introduction to Turnitin Version 2

Visit D2L's website to sort and search for other webinars 


Magna Online Seminars

Magna LogoMagna Online Seminars have built a reputation for their quality, timeliness, and relevance. Live and interactive, they feature leading educators and thought leaders delivering thought-provoking, practical presentations. Plus if you can’t make the live event, all seminars are available on-demand for a full 30 days. Our Online Seminar Package also includes a copy of the recording on CD, the full transcript, and supplemental materials. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Visit Magna's website to sort and search webinars.

Recorded Webinars

University Webinars

Description: This website has webinars related to almost every aspect of Higher Education. Think of it as a clearinghouse for Higher  Ed webinars. Check them out. You're sure to find videos that you interest you.

View them here.

PASSHE Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment, a totally virtual conference

Description: Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment is a totally virtual conference. Topics have ranged from gamification to academic integrity to new technologies to many more.

All sessions going back to 2009 have been recorded for you to view for free. You can browse them here.

Meeting Student Needs with Day One Access to Digital Materials

Presented by: Campus Technology

Description: Digital course materials have emerged over the past 10 years as a cost-effective and more engaging option to print textbooks. This webcast will feature a college dean and eTextbooks thought leader who will discuss:

  • Why many students increasingly prefer eTextbooks
  • How delivering digital materials on the first day of classes sets students up for success
  • Tips for securing stakeholder buy-in for a digital-only program

Click here to watch the webinar.

Inside Higher Ed

Inside higher ed logoInside higher ed has a list of recorded webinars for higher ed going back for several years. The range of topics is diverse and covers almost all topics related to higher ed including digital accessibility, higher ed economics, a recap of the survey of university presidents, and more.

Click here to watch the webinar.



Pearson Logo SmallPearson has collated an extensive list of recorded higher ed webinars. Check out their current list and watch at your leisure.

You can browse them here.




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Instructional Design

Kirkpatrick's Evaluation Model

Ever wonder about Kirkpatrick's evaluation model?  Unsure of what it is or how to use it?  Let me give you a brief introduction!

Read the article here.

6 Tips To Incorporate Discovery Learning Into Your eLearning Course Design

Learning by doing is one of the most immersive education strategies, especially if your teacher offers encouragement and immediate feedback. Is it still possible to use this system in an eLearning course that lacks an on-site instructor?

Read the article here.

Free eBook:  How Design Thinking Is Transforming The Learning Experience

Learn how you can implement the 5 phases of design thinking into your training design to create truly impactful learning. This eBook, which I discuss in this article, dives right into the subject matter.

Read the article here.

Scaffolding Online Student Success

Where did it all go wrong? Professor Elavor* just wrapped up what she hoped would be a successful semester of her new online course—Introduction to Natural Sciences. Unfortunately, the course ended with a giant thud.

Read the article here.


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Other Resources


5 Steps Any University Can Take to Develop Student Leaders

Beyond a workshop, what does developing student leaders effectively look like? The president of Nichols College shares 5 quick steps any college can take - followed by advice on how to take student leadership development to the next level.

Read the Article Here

How Personalized Support and a Culture of Data Can Jumpstart Student Success

When graduation rates plateaued, the University of South Florida turned to predictive analytics and a case management approach to student support — with striking results.

Read the Article Here

Distance Learning Without Computers

Arizona State University is finding out what refugee farmers in Uganda and online course creators have to teach each other about making do with very little.

Read the Article Here

The Messy Conversation Around Online Cost and Quality

Asked to explain how they balance financial and academic considerations, administrators and professors say the quality is key but struggle to define it.

Read the Article Here

How the U of Baltimore is teaching a bachelor's program inside a Maryland prison

Andrea Cantora, director of its Second Chance College Program, explains the challenges and benefits of offering higher ed to students who are incarcerated.

Read the Article Here

H3 Big takeaways from the Ed Dept congressional budget hearings

House and Senate members grilled Education Secretary Betsy Devos this week on the Trump administration's FY 2020 budget request.  Here's a recap.

Read the Article Here

4 Ideas for Improving Education From The Chronicle's 2019 'Shark Tank'

Let's start with a disclaimer: Vetting the pitches for our Shark Tank: Edu Edition at SXSW EDU is an utterly unscientific process. The goal is to unearth some interesting ideas and have some fun exploring their pros and cons.

Read the Article Here

Faculty as Drivers of Innovation

The Real Key to Academic Innovation

Read the Blog Here

Checklist:  Preparing Adjunct Faculty to Teach Online 

Department chairs and program directors are busy people, and orienting adjunct faculty may not be top of mind. But adjuncts who are teaching online for the first time need support and information to hit the ground running. Here is a quick checklist of items to cover with first-time online instructors.

Read the Article Here

How Learning Communities Can Keep Higher Ed's Most At-Risk Students on Track

Close-knit academic networks form strong bonds among students. A mix of intensive advising and mentoring helps them stay focused, too.

Read the Article Here

The 2019 Trends Report

No one in higher education can afford to be complacent. Cultural, demographic, and economic forces are changing the world around and on campuses, challenging long-held beliefs and upending traditions. This special report on five major trends in higher education — and other emergent changes to be aware of — will help you chart a path.

Read the Report Here

Magna's Faculty Focus Online Courses

Courses include:

  • New Faculty Development
  • Experienced Faculty Enrichment
  • Principles of Effective College Teaching
  • More...

Access the courses here 

Grade Increase: Tracking Distance Education in the United States is the 14th annual report of the state of online learning in U.S. Higher education. The Survey, conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group and co-sponsored by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Pearson, and Tyton Partners, is the leading barometer of online learning in the United States. 

Download Report 

Professional, Continuing, and Online Education Update by University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)

Daily updates of news, research, and trends by UPCEA

Online Course Enrollment Sees Relentless Growth

Read the research results here

Survey: Students sing praises for digital learning tech

Read the results here.

Courses with No Syllabi: A Unique Instructional Model at LDS Business College - Interesting interview with Bruce Kush, the president of LDS Business College.

i4 means campus instruction that is:

  • Immersive,
  • Integrated,
  • Interactive, and
  • Iterative.

To pilot this model, Bruce worked with an LDS faculty member to pilot a semester-long leadership course with no syllabus. He is going to tell us why he decided to do this and what it looked like along the way.

Watch the interview here.

We Are Living in the Age of Online Learning - An article about the current state of online learning

Read the article here

On-Campus, Failure Is on the Syllabus - A Smith College initiative called “Failing Well” is one of a crop of university
programs that aim to help high achievers cope with basic setbacks.

Read the article here

 Turnitin White Paper - This brief white paper discusses the myriad forms of plagiarism and argues that the most effective methods for addressing them do not involve treating students as unethical “cheaters,” but rather, focus on developing their writing and research skills.

Click here to download the white paper.

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