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3D Printing

Recognizing the need for a central source for providing a 3D printing service for students and faculty on campus, Media Services has added a high quality Ultimaker 3D printer, located in Grove Hall 008. This printer will print in two-color, or one-color with supporting material. 

Maximum size of printable object is 8.5”w X 8.5”l X 7.9”h.

The printer will be available for students and faculty in the various departments to print 3D objects for projects and assignments.  It is not to be used to duplicate copyrighted material, or to produce material for resale.

Media Services is trained on the operation of the printer, and is very knowledgeable on the capabilites, limitations, and setup of the device. Because of the complexity of the printer, customers will schedule with and work with him in setting up the printing of their project*.  Customer must provide the .stl file to be printed; we do not provide the computer aided design software.

A *cost schedule has been developed below, based on the cost of materials and the time involved in printing the object, which can range from 2-48 hours, depending on size and complexity.  Cost is based on using PLA material in various colors.  Other materials are available at slightly higher cost.

    -Setup and material fee:  $10.00

    -Hourly fee:  $2.00/hour

* Cost may vary as time goes on and we can accurately evaluate our actual cost in using the printer.
* 3D printing is very time involved.  As a complex print may take 24-48 hours to complete, allow ample time for completion of project.  
Also, there can  be numerous failures in the printing process, and a print has to be tweeked and restarted. During busy times of the semester, do not expect a rapid turn-around.

3D Printer