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Classroom Media Equipment

Available for classroom delivery are video playback units (VHS & DVD format), LCD projectors for data and video, laser disc players, CD audio players, slide projectors, overhead projectors, 16mm projectors, opaque projectors, record players, cassette tape recorders, and projection screens. These reservations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Many classrooms on campus have been set up as Smart Classrooms with computer, data projector, DVD/VCR, document camera, all integrated through a Smart Panel Controller, and housed in a Spectrum Presentation Cart. Faculty must receive training on the use of these through Donna Panzo (x3439)  before being issued a key for access. Many other classrooms are equipped with ceiling-mounted data projectors and/or televisions with VHS recorders and computer inputs.
See List for room specifications.

Room Setup