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Data/Video Projectors Policy

  • Media Services has several portable data/video projectors, plus numerous fixed projectors in our inventory. However, we have no laptop or desktop computers to lend for use with these projectors.
  • Media Services will supply the projector, power cable, and data cable (unless the computer you are using takes a non-standard cable). We will also provide a media cart for the projector and computer, and we will attach the user's computer and set up the projector, if requested during normal working hours. Media Services accepts no responsibility for the operation and/or compatibility of the computer being used.
  • The user of a data/video Projector is responsible for supplying the media to be used with it.
  • The user is responsible for knowing how to operate the computer and for making sure all necessary drivers and/or programs are loaded onto the computer (for example: on a laptop, the external monitor port needs to be activated to display on the projector. Each computer seems to have a different means of doing this and this is not always self-evident).
  • If the user is borrowing a computer, make sure that the loaner of the computer has all drivers and programs loaded, and has been instructed in its use.
  • The best procedure is to schedule an appointment with Media Services and come to Grove Hall in advance of the date of actual use to try the computer with the projector to be used. This way, there will be an opportunity to correct any problems.