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Graphic/Photography Production

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Computer Graphics- with the aid of a flatbed scanner, slide scanner, and digital camera; and the use of numerous graphic programs such as CorelDraw, Corel Xara, Photoshop, Harvard Graphics, etc. we can provide almost any type of chart, sign, poster, illustration, or other graphic need. These can be output on a black & white or color laser printer, a varitronics poster printer, or shot as slides.

Photographic Services- high contrast photography for title slides or for line art for publication, slide duplication, slides from photographs, black & white photography including developing and printing. Slide presentations prepared.

Grahpic Pic 2Laminating- projects for classroom use can be laminated. Please limit amount of material and keep width under 25". We recently obtained a 40" roll laminator for special purpose laminating. It is also prudent to keep smaller items not cut-out until after being laminated.

Drymounting- with heat press on various backing materials.

 Overhead Transparencies- we can prepare overhead transparencies for classroom use. These can be from computer printout, hand-drawn, and from books. Originals can be enlarged or reduced. PLEASE limit your requests to no more than 8 transparencies.

Graphics- signs, posters, banners, charts, graphs, etc

Copies -- We can produce color paper copies or transparencies on our IKON CPP 500 copier. This copier will do enlargements, reductions, and digital effects. We will do twenty (20) copies per customer at no charge. For larger volume, we charge $.50 each. This charge can be transferred into our cost center (45500, object 377). The Print Shop has a color copier/printer for high volume copies, and they charge $.40/ copy.

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