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Routing and Approvals


All grant applications requesting financial support from an external agency must be presented for review and approval prior to leaving campus. A review and approval process is in place at the university and a Request for Authorization to Apply for External Funding form has been implemented to route grant applications through the approval process.  The form can be found in the "Forms" section of this website.

Step 1.  Academic Department  

It's important to discuss the details of your project with your department chairperson during the planning phase. Provide the chairperson with information concerning how this project will contribute to the overall goals of the college and how participating in this project will affect the normal operation of the department release time, use of facilities, clerical support, in-kind contributions, personnel, and other data so that an informed decision concerning your project can be made.

Step 2.  College Dean  

After the departmental chairperson has approved the project and you have obtained their initials on the clearance form, discuss your project with the college dean. The college dean will require the same information concerning the project that you supplied to your department chairperson. You should also clarify how this project and the goals of the university are compatible. If the dean approves this project, deliver the application, along with the completed clearance form, to the Institute for Public Service for preparation for final review.

Step 3.  Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs 

Applications should be submitted to the director of the Institute —with approvals of both the department chairperson and the college dean— at least five working days prior to the closing date established by the funding agency, to ensure the necessary approvals are obtained and the application is mailed on time. The Institute supports and coordinates all grant research and contract activity at the university. Upon receipt of the application, Institute staff will guide the application through the final clearance process and obtain any additional required approvals. Also, Institute staff will finalize and submit the proposal to the funder. Applicants are not permitted to submit the proposal directly to the funder, unless the director of the Institute authorizes doing so.

Animal Care and Use Procedures  

If your research activity involves the use of animals, specific rules and procedures must be followed and assurances must be indicated in the application. This requires an additional clearance through the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. If you require the clearance of this committee, contact the Institute early during the development of your application and the staff will assist you with this process. This clearance must be complete before the application reaches Step 3 of the clearance process.

Human Subjects  

If you plan to conduct research or related activities with human beings as subjects, you are required to follow procedures established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to ensure the protection of these subjects. The completion of an application for approval to use human subjects in your research or activity is part of these procedures. This application must be completed for any project that uses human subjects before it is started—and before financial support for this activity is solicited from any off-campus agency. 


Contact the Institute for Public Service & Sponsored Programs Old Main 207 Phone: 717-477-1251 Fax: (717) 477-4053